Maringa February 27, 2012

Hello mother!!!

Thank you for the great letter. You are always a great support to me. It sounds like you week was pretty good as well! That is exciting that Sharon is traveling a bunch and stuff. I always liked going on tour. I´m sorry to hear about brother Terry Anderson died. I remember home teaching him with Bro. Woods. He was a great person and Brother Gutzman as well. Sometimes a lot of sad things happen in life, so I guess that’s why we have to look with eyes of faith to what will be. I am glad that I have a bunch of great friends serving missions as well. That’s neat that Elder Barnes is AP. They should give the car idea to the Brazilian missionaries....!

So this week was pretty exciting. Monday we had a nice P-day and worked hard that night. Tuesday there was a huge rain storm that was pretty exciting. Wednesday we had to prepare for Zone Conference. The conference was really really good. We learned that the mission might get the visit of an Apostle in April. That would be very neat! We also had trainings from Sister about cleaning the houses! You would like that. Our house is pretty well 75% clean :) Maybe even more. President talked about how we can find answers to the questions of our soul in the Book of Mormon. The assistants talked about faith and vision in the work. The mission counselor, Brother Tobias also talked about how to plan efficiently. We had really good strawberry cake and it was basically awesome.

Friday I went on a division in a small city called Paiçandu. The weather was really nice and got a bit chilly which I liked a lot! The best miracle that we had was with our investigator Cristina. She is the daughter of a woman who is a member since birth but has been inactive for more than 25 years. When she heard the lessons she said she felt a peace so great that she knew that it was true immediately. She had already stopped smoking a few weeks before, had been thinking about helped her small daughter to learn about Christ and stopped drinking coffee cold when we told her about the word of wisdom. She got super excited about everything and was baptized yesterday after the church meetings! The service was really nice and Elder Proulx and I sang I Like to Look for Rainbows and I played guitar. It was really awesome.

Sunday after church we taught a family who had recently lost their father and it was awesome. Also the mother of Michelle, one of our recent converts, came to church for the first time yesterday and stopped drinking coffee and agreed to be baptized! Miracles! We had a huge barbeque for lunch and after that it started raining a whooooolle ton. The roads turned into rivers! But we kept on working and it paid off because we visited some recent converts who hadn´t come to church that day and their dad was so impressed that the missionaries keep on visiting people even in the crazy rain that he agreed to come to church next week. Só no Family Search!!! Elder Proulx is really excited and full of energy and we are excited for this week.

I am actually reading in Isaias right now too. I´ll be honest, in English it’s tough, and in Portuguese I don’t understand anything, but that’s awesome that we are reading the same part. The Book of Mormon brings lots of power. Keep on reading daily!

I know Christ lives and loves us. I testify of the healing power of the atonement. I know that God loves us a whole lot. Please keep praying for me and the other missionaries.
-Elder Markham

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