Maringa March 12, 2012

Hello! Thank you so very, very much for the letter. To quote Grandma Elaine: I sure do love your letters :) That was great that you could attend the homecomings of Elder Proulx and Elder Davis. They are super awesome. I´m sorry to hear that Jorji is having some serious health problems, but I´m sure the Lord will care for her in the best way. From what I gathered you would probably like the Proulx family quite a bit. I don’t know if you called them or anything since, but you should go visit them sometime. As for the other stuff, sometimes we have trials, but it is always for our good. About the driving test, just keep on practicing like you are and I’m sure you´ll pass just fine. Head check head check head check!

So this week was weird.
First, P-day was the day that Elder Proulx went home so we just spent the day packing and cleaning the house and then took him to the bus station. I went to another house to stay with missionaries from another ward. Tuesday we worked in the center and it was super hot and I forgot sunscreen and the center is lousy to work. Later that day I got on the bus to Londrina for a leadership counsel with the other zone leaders from Maringá. When we got there we would sleep in the Secretaries house. When we arrived we found out that the secretaries’ washing machine had sort of exploded sending a tidal wave of sudsy destruction all over the apartment. The secretaries needed to take care of the people who were leaving and so we stayed there to do a service project and save all the stuff. The next day we had leadership conference and learned lots of awesome stuff. It was a great conference and we all felt the spirit really strong, but I also received some sad news. Elder Stinocher, the Elder I trained in Bauru is going home this week due to severe problems with depression. He bore testimony and the counsel and it was really special. Let’s pray for him that everything will be alright. When I got back I stayed with the other ward again. We found some cool people and worked a bunch. On Saturday we did a missionary blitz in one of the wards where all of the members divided in groups with the missionaries form our district and knocked all of the doors in the area close to the chapel. It was super cool. After that I got permission get as a companion a young man from the ward named William who will be leaving for his mission in May to Salvador Bahia. I went with him to church the next day and Bishop brought a friend to church and it was way cool, but unfortunately the only day that I had to work in my area this week, right after church I got a really nasty throat infection and spent the day at the doctors and sleeping to get better. I´m all good now. It was just a nasty little cold that happens sometimes, but it took me off my feet yesterday. I still don’t know who my new companion is, but he will arrive tomorrow and it should be great.

I love you so much mommy. I know that this is the true gospel of Christ. For all trials Christ suffered and whatever we can’t fix right now, we´ve got the resurrection where we won’t get sore throats MRIs or even need to drive (I´m going to teleport. Should be cool.) I know Dad is watching over us and God loves us even more than we know. I will be praying for your health and success. Just summing up the important parts: NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER SURRENDER!
-Love Elder Iron Man.

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