Maringa March 19, 2012

That is so great that you passed your driving test! Just be careful with that idea about making everybody take it! Hahaha! I am very happy for you. I told you are awesome. That’s crazy about the bathroom as well. I hope it didn´t cause all that much damage. So, there really isn´t all that much news this week.
Transfers were just fine. My new companion is named Elder Van Orden. He is from Saint George and everyone thinks he is my brother because we look a lot alike. We´ve been working a lot and this week has been kind of slow. I am a little sad today because we had some big problems in the Zone today and as zone leaders we have to help out. It is very sad when some people don’t understand the importance of the gospel or the reason Christ sent us out to preach to the world. My advice to anybody who is going on a mission would just be to be totally obedient to everything your mission president says, even if you don’t understand or think it’s stupid. Just do it and the Lord will bless you. We are still working with the family of Michelle and Angela. We received another companionship of missionaries here in the ward and Bishop is waaaay excited. Tomorrow we will have an activity of integration that should be really fun. It’s also funny because our house is very small and we don’t hardly fit in it now with 4 elders! But whatever! Só vai!
Today I am going to sleep and drink tereré. P-day!
I love you a whole lot Mommy! I just know that this is the true gospel. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that our family can be forever. We don’t always realized the importance of our covenants, but they are really huge blessings in our lives. Let’s just keep on enduring to the end and everything will turn out just fine.
Com amor,
Elder Markham

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