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And so goes another week! Holy Cow! I am really glad to hear about all the great stuff that is happening back at home!

I´m a little short on time today so I´ll just pass what has been happening here.
So, last P-day we went to the center to buy T-shirts to make an awesome Zone shirt. The next day we had a great activity with the ward about bringing friends and family to church with you. It was really funny because we told the story of an airplane and saving people and got al serious and then (as we had planned earlier) we turned the time over to Bispo to continue and he wasn´t there! So we just gave balloons to everybody and started making a huge racket and throwing stuff in the cultural hall and the Bishop comes in all ´´mad´´ and stops the noise and brings us back to the point of the activity. It was planned like that to show how easy we can get distracted some times and we have to keep our focus on what it important. It was fun and afterwards everybody got up to say good bye to Elder Proulx. Awww touching! He cried a whole bunch. Then we worked a whole bunch and had some great experiences. Ademlson has been helping us a whole lot and is a great recent convert. We also had a family night with Peterson and Larisse and their Dad Antonio promised to go to church for the first time in 20 years. Sunday he was there and Bishop interviewed him and he said that he will work to come back to the church. It was suuuper cool. I also was really happy because the ward went to the temple this week and Marco Lucas and Alex all went and did baptisms and had a super great time! The ward bought Sunday clothes for Lucas and Marco and they passed the sacrament for the first time! Super awesome. Cristina was confirmed and is doing super super well. We are having good success in bringing people to church and filling up the classes. We broke our record for church attendance with 104 people there! One story that was a little sad but will turn out alright is that Mirani, the mother of Michelle, agreed to be baptized yesterday, but Friday her husband had a huge problem and ended up in the hospital for 3 days. He is recovering slowly and she still wants to be baptized, but let’s pray that everything turns out all right. Her husband is a preacher in another church who loves the Book of Mormon and defends us in front of all his other pastor friends. He is really funny too. I hope he gets better soon.

So anyways, E. Proulx is going home today at 3:40 and tomorrow I will travel to Londrina for a leadership training. It should be an exciting week.

I know that this church is true. I love the Gospel and I testify that God lives and loves us. Jesus Christ can change our lives. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord at this time. I know He is blessing our family a whole ton and I will keep on praying for you a whole lot!
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-Elder Iron Man

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