March 26, 2012

Hiya mommy!
How are you doing? Sorry about the house problems! But it’s all good. We have a cool member here that just likes to sing this song anytime that something goes wrong. ´´don’t worry! Be happy! Don’t worry, be happy now!´´ Our house will just be super cool when I get back. Isshh. ´´When I get back´´ are strange words.

So anyhow, this week was good demais! Firstly, we had a big ól rain storm that cooled things down and autumn has officially started. That means it’s should be less hot now and I might survive! We worked quite a bit and had some difficult days, but we had a great big old miracle! We have been teaching 2 women named Mirani and Angela for a few weeks. Mirani had already advanced her baptism for 2 weeks and we were getting kind of worried about her, but we prepared and special lesson and when we went there we talked about the atonement and at the end we just said, ´´alright. We´ll come back tomorrow and you can just give us and answer if you want to get baptized or not.´´ We went home and prayed a lot and then when we went back she just said ´´ I want to be baptized. When can I? ´´ And we were like ´´eis aqui água!´´ no actually Sunday! and she agreed, Then we went with a member named Israel who served a mission in Boston and speaks English really well to the woman named Angela. She told us that she wanted to be baptized as well, but she wanted us to give her a course about Revelations from the Bible first. So, I don’t know anything about Revelations and so we just talked with her about the purpose of baptism and invited her to come with us to the baptismal interview with Mirani that would be the next day. She agreed and went with us. While Mirani was being interviewed we just sat in the chapel and I played a bunch of hymns on the piano and after she said that she felt the spirit really strong and she was interviewed right after Mirani and was baptized with her on Sunday. Hurrah for Israel! It is really cool because Valter, who is the husband of Mirani is a pastor from another church, but he already said he wants to be baptized as soon as he can leave his church and he uses the Triple and Teachings of George Albert Smith in his preaching! Haha! He has a horrible old rickety car and likes to drive us around the city laughing like a crazy person. Just now the black eyed peas song ´´tonight’s going to be a good night´´ just started playing in the road and I had this thought: ´´today is P-day, but tonight we are going to baptize!´´ Yeah!
So, awesome beans.
I know that this church is the true church of God. I love the book of Mormon. I love P-days as well. Conference will be really great. I am praying for you all. Good luck with the house!
Elder Markham

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