Londrina August 29, 2011

Hey Momma!
It’s great to hear that ya´ll are doing fantastic! I am a little jealous about your awesome trip, but then again, I´m in Brazil, so HA! Thank you for the pictures. I especially liked the one with Sharon that says welcome to Hell. Haha! It is really crazy about how fast the mission goes by. I have hardly noticed the time pass by since Cambé. Joe will be ending soon and Jeff too. Wow crazy! I have some excellent friends. In our mission the financial secretary takes care of the houses, utilities, cell phone, credit cards, reimbursements, and everything the mission buys. I would definitely go insane. The super cool part is that the secretaries get to be around President all day all the time and you can learn a bunch of cool stuff. Nils will probably be an assistant too. AP’s apparently that happens to lots of secretaries. I am happy that Ryan is doing well too! It’s a little rough at the beginning, but pretty soon it gets lots better. I will try to send him a letter.

To answer your questions, no I´ve never been to the water falls. It is prohibited to go there without the president, so basically to go you have to be transferred to Foz, baptize a whole ton, and the hope that President has time to do a Zone P-day. IF not.... já era!
I think I already responded about the secretaries. We have 3 in our mission.

This week passed in a blur. I got back from Foz Monday in the morning, spent P-day sleeping, went to the office all day of Tuesday and left Tuesday night for Maringá. Maringá has two new Zone Leaders, one of which is my good good friend Elder Castro. They were having a lot of difficulties with the ward there and need baptisms to begin construction on a new Chapel. We got there and worked and worked and worked and it was super hot. I got to go on divisions with an ex-mission president and learned a ton of stuff. We found 4 incomplete families that will be baptized this next week and the Lord blessed us with the baptism of a man named Vanderlei who is the husband of a member and has been going to church for years. He will prepare and receive the Priesthood soon and help out the ward a ton! Then to end it all off I got super sick again and spent all of Saturday in the hospital. Don´t worry though, cuz I´m all good. You can pray for me to get better if you want :) Sister Tavares picked the hospital personally and it was super clean and good so don´t worry about scary 3rd world hospitals or anything. I´ll send you a picture next week :)

Our mission baptized 126 this month and things are progressing well. Hurrah for Israel!
I love you a whole ton mom. Give a giant hug to Sharon for me and tell the family that I love them too! My advice for the week is that life is easier if we forget ourselves and just try to help other people. You have a lot less to worry about and you get the joy of serving! Here’s a big óle Brazilian hug for yá.
I know that the plan of Salvation is real. Your anniversary was still valid because you are still married to Dad and always will be! Faith is stronger than fear, light is stronger than dark, hope is the anchor of our soul. Keep smiling and have a great week.

Elder Handsome (ladies) Markham

Londrina August 22, 2011

Bom dia!!
Hey, thanks for all of the news and stuff! It sounds like a super cool opportunity that you had to go on that cruise! Did you speak Spanish with a lot of people on the ship? How is your health doing after such a long and crazy adventure? The other day I learned about a bunch of Nephite stuff that some archeologists found and now I want to go to the Mayan ruins and look for Nephites. Ha! I definitely want you to send some more pictures next week. Thank you for what you already sent! So, my letter may be a little short cuz I´m beat tired, so here goes!

To begin answering your questions: Guilherme is doing super good, but doesn´t have his call yet so I don´t know where he is going, but today I got a letter from Ryan; or rather, Elder Chadburn, he is doing great! Noite branca was the idea of Elder Ayres to finish off his mission. He and Presidente put it all together on his last week. The mighty Elder Ayres is now mission dead and gone. The new assistant is named Elder R. Santos and I hardly know him at all yet because we´ve been traveling all week. President loved the noite branca and for sure we will do it again! Yes, I carry my pillow with me. I am getting super good at living out of a suitcase!
About the ward news, tell Holly congratulations! Also I didn´t know that Kelsey and Karissa sent in their papers! Congratulations to them too! Woohoo!

So, this week:
As you know we got back from Maringá late Sunday night and had the noite branca. Monday we had to go into the mission office and prepare everything for the transfers that happened this week. We made a whole bunch of training materials for the new missionaries arriving. The only bummer is that this time we had 16 missionaries leaving the mission and only 4 arriving, so we lost a few warriors, but the ones we have a great!

We got home and taught a few lessons that night and found this super awesome family that has already been to church several times and everyone dances capoeira! I want to learn how to do that! Tuesday we got up and like 5 in the morning to go to the airport and receive all of the new missionaries. We had a nice little meeting with them and ate lunch with Presidente. After that we had a meeting with Presidente and got sent to Foz do Iguaçu. We left that night at about 10:30 and arrived earlier in the morning, Wednesday. That first day we worked with the Zone leaders and found a super miracle! We taught a family they had who is preparing to be baptized, but has to get married first, and then afterwards taught her next door neighbor, who turned out to be the sister of the Mom and her son had already been participating in the church for years unnoticed! He was living all the commandments and agreed to be baptized Sunday! Jumping ahead in the story a little bit, Sunday was about 45 degrees. Suuuper cold here and the heater in the baptismal font was broken. Elder Pinho who baptized him said afterwards he couldn´t feel his legs for hours, but the boy (Alisson 12 years old) was so excited to be baptized he said he didn´t even feel cold. His Mom cried the whole meeting through and is preparing to be baptized this week!

Thursday we had district meeting and it was good except that it started raining a whole ton ton ton ton. Crazy insane Brazilian rain that never stops. We went on divisions to a ward called Itaipu that needed a little help. The problem was I forgot my rain jacket in Londrina and from our house you had to walk about 1 1/2 hours just to get to the area. I “borrowed” an old forgotten umbrella that someone forgot in the chapel, but about 15 minutes out, in rained so hard it literally beat my umbrella completely to pieces. When we arrived at our first appointment I looked like I had taken a nice swim in the Waterfalls of Iguaçu! We passed by a members house and when she saw us she just started laughing about how ridiculous we looked. Out of the kindness of their hearts they loaned me a new shirt and rain jacket and made us grilled cheese sandwiches :) We taught this awesome family of 4 who received and answer that the church is true and will be baptized this week! The next day continued to rain para carumba and Elder Thiago had the great idea to wear socks, covered by plastic bags, covered by other socks. It worked surprisingly well, although it didn´t smell too good afterwards... That day we found two more people to be baptized next week and managed to teach 8 lessons even though it was raining like the day after tomorrow. WE taught a super spiritual lesson where the father of a family of 10 asked us to give a blessing to every single one of his children. The spirit was super strong and it was a great experience. The members in Foz are super super awesome. Saturday we did some baptismal interviews and other miracles happened.

One of the Sisters suddenly got super super sick and had to be taken to Londrina for treatment (she’s doing better now) but with the help of the Elders from the same ward the still managed to baptized and man in a wheelchair who they had been teaching! Yeah! Sunday we had the baptisms of Alisson like I said above and also a son of a less-active named Erike back in our ward in Londrina was baptized and his family is coming back to the church. Whoo hoo! Hurray for Israel. Sunday night we got back on the bus at 10:00 and headed back to Londrina. The only exciting thing that happened was that the Brazilian army stopped our bus and searched everybody for drugs. That doesn´t happen every day! We got back here about 6:00 AM and I am going to turn off my cell phone and sleep all P-day.
Mom, I love you a whole bunch. Don’t let sad thoughts take over, just remember that you rock. I know that Christ broke the bands of death and hell for us. I know we have a living prophet in our day. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that the priesthood has incredible power. Até mais!
-Elder Iron Man
P.S. Let me know who it is that knows President Tavares! That would be super cool!

Gustavo (9) and Vitória (12) Baptism

Our District

Noite Branca (For all the newly baptized members in the Londrina Stake)

Guilherme Vai Para Missão (Guilherme was Steven's first investigator when he first arrived in Cambe)


Carro Dos Assistentes (The A.P.'s Car)

Londrina August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011
Hiyah Mommy!
This week has been really great! I hope everything is going just swell on the cruise! I will be needing many pictures of the happenings there! So, to answer your questions: Yes, the move is a permanent situation. Elder Thiago and I are still together as Assistants, we just moved houses. I feel lots better in the new house and I like the area better and everything as well! Today are transfers and I will stay on as assistant for at least six more weeks.
So, this week we had 2 baptisms in our ward. It is a great area and I am really excited. The two who were baptized are children of less-active members who became super excited and are coming back to church now. Gustavo (9) and Vitória (12)! They were miracles and everyone in the ward was super happy to see the baptisms and reactivations happen! WE had another miracle as well. Last Sunday a woman named Rafaela went to church with us and LOVED it. The following day we had a family night with her and some members. The spirit was super super strong and when we got back home we said, “Rafaela will ask us to be baptized the next time that we teach her.” It was truly a prophecy because the next lesson we taught her she asked to be baptized! She had read the Book of Mormon until 2 Nephi and had a dream/vision that she was being baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ! It was sooo awesome! The only problem is that when her step-parents found out she wanted to be baptized they practically kicked her out of their house. She is living in a small city outside of Londrina that doesn´t have a church yet, but she says she will keep coming back on the weekends to go to church and she will be baptized soon! She will need our prayers!
After that we were sent to Maringá because they were having lots of trouble to baptize there. We worked there 3 days and found an amazing family that will be baptized next week along with 2 more people and also helped the Elders there to have 3 baptisms this past weekend! It was nothing but miracles and super strong spirit! (And sleeping a lot on tile floor :) ) The church and ward in Maringá is super awesome. I would like to work there sometime. The ZL’s were a little bummed that their baptism fell through, but that night we had another revelation. Elder Thiago and I said, “it’s too bad that the baptism didn´t work out, but tomorrow in church, someone will randomly come who has already been to church twice and is super interested in the church.” And that is exactly what happened! A woman named Raquel went to church with us and we taught her and she loved it and accepted all of the commitments! Super awesome! I guess my testimony this week is that the spirit of revelation is real and that the promise in Alma 17 is true that he that seeketh diligently will be reveal great things! The church is super true and the spirit will always guide us is we are worthy!
Today and tomorrow will be crazy because we have to help with transfers. Yeah! The final great news from this week is that we broke our record again for baptisms in a single week! This week we ended with 47 baptisms! 47 children of God received their first ordinance of the gospel! What joy!!! Last night we had a special meeting in the stake center called ´white night´ where we put together in one meeting all of the baptisms in Londrina. In that meeting there were 17 people baptized including several potential priesthood holders. Hurrah for Israel! Let’s split the stake! This was a super good week and this next week has to be even greater! Thank you for all of the prayers and support. I love you a whole ton and I am praying for you. I know that church is true and that Christ lives. I testify that the priesthood can perform miracles. I know this is the true church.
Till later days!
-Elder Markham

Milagres - Portugese

Elder J. Lima, Elder Ferreira e Elder Griner
Tudo caiu, mas tinha alguém que poderia ser batizado. Só que ele foi para o hospital, então não deu. Falamos com os membros. E achamos uma moça que também podia ser batizada, mas o batismo caiu no domingo de manhã. Estávamos sem alguém para batizar. Falamos com o conselheiro da ala que a missão inteira tinha batizado e só faltava Presidente Geisel. Ele falou que tinha uma sobrinha que queria ser batizada. Mas os pais dela estavam viajando então ele tinha que pedir a autorização deles. Ele não tinha ouvido deles então procuramos outra pessoa para ser batizado, Ele falou que tinha outro sobrinho que também queria ser batizado. Fomos lá e ensinamo-lo tudo. Ele foi entrevistado e passou. Depois os pais da menina ligaram e autorizaram o batismo dela. Os dois foram batizados no Domingo.

E. Amaral e do E. Moreira
Esse ultimo batismo foi um milagre: tínhamos uma pessoa que iria ser batizada, mas a mãe não permitiu. Ficamos chateados, mas não desistimos. Saímos em busca de um milagre. Chegamos em uma casa de pesquisadores antigos onde havia um rapaz que estivera frequentando atividades na sede do distrito, mas nem sabíamos, pois não o conhecíamos. Convidamos ele para ir `a Igreja no domingo passado. Ele foi com seu pai e gostaram muito. Na próxima semana fomos retornamos à sua casa e a primeira coisa que ele disse foi: MEU BATISMO SERÁ ESSE DOMINGO TÁ?!, Ele já tinha parado de tomar café e tudo. Só concordamos claro! E esse domingo ele foi batizado, e seu pai também será, pois ele já demonstrou o desejo também, sei que não estamos sozinhos nessa obra, e os eleitos ouvirão a voz.

Elder Miranda e Elder Costa
(Elder Miranda): Estamos vendo os milagres do Senhor aqui em Ouro Branco, ontem fomos buscar uma família para ir à Igreja, não deu certo. Tínhamos alguns convites do Domingo do Amigo, resolvemos entregar para todas as pessoas que nos cruzassem, tínhamos orado ao Senhor para que colocasse pessoas boas que realmente queriam. Já era um pouco mais de nove horas, e já estávamos bem perto da Igreja, já estávamos quase sem esperança quando uma família estava vindo em nossa direção, os convidamos, mas eles estavam indo em sentido contrário, quando convidamos perguntaram imediatamente onde ficava a Igreja, apontamos para onde era e eles deram a volta. Então perguntamos se iriam para a Igreja conosco, disseram: "Sim!", curiosos perguntamos para onde eles estavam indo, então disseram que estavam atrás de uma Igreja. FOI INCRÍVEL! Perguntaram como era o nome da Igreja, e dissemos, gostaram muito quando dissemos que era a Igreja de Jesus Cristo.

Sister Felipe e Sister Brooks
(Sister Felipe): Essa semana tivemos um milagre!!!!!! Uma moça que estávaos ensinando e que não queria ser batizada. Ela é irmã de um garoto que batizamos no final da transferência passada. Ensinamos para ela a restauração e ela entendeu. No próximo encontro nós tivemos uma amiga dela presente e após ensiná-la nós fomos à casa dessa amiga dela para ensinar a mãe e a amiga. Então, ela ouviu pela segunda vez. Depois nós tivemos batismo e enquanto a pessoa estava se trocando foi passado a restauração e ela estava presente. Então, o tio dela que é membro ligou para nós e disse que ela queria ser batizada. Então, perguntamos por telefone mesmo sobre a palavra de sabedoria e ela vive sem nem um problema. Marcamos o batismo dela para o sábado e ela passou na entrevista e foi tudo perfeito. Milagres estão acontecendo aqui em Ibiporã.

Elder Teuscher e Elder Lopes
Elder Teuscher e Elder Lopes estavam ensinando uma mulher que se chama Gisele, que foi entrevistada no sábado, ela tinha o desejo de ser batizada, mas não reconheceu, então foi na igreja no domingo a reunião estava bem espiritual, Elder Teuscher pediu para que ela fosse entrevistada novamente , p assou na entrevista e os missionários ofereceram uma benção e ela sentiu uma paz foi batizada naquela noite.

Elder Pope e Elder Anderson
Elder Angerbauer estava entrevistando Giovanna e ela não tinha a certeza de que Joseph Smith era um profeta e nem Thomas S. Monson, não tinha recebido uma resposta, então o Elder Angerbauer continuou a entrevista e ao final pediu que ela orasse e perguntasse especificamente. Ela orou tudo ficou em silencio, depois chorando ela disse que recebeu a resposta. Ela foi batizada!

Elder Moake, Elder Teixeira, Elder Ayres e Elder Dewey
Elder Ayres e Elder Dewey foram para a área de Mandacaru.
Quinta-feira saíram de casa 06h30min da manhã, chegaram à casa da pesquisadora 07h00min da manhã acordando todo mundo. Todo mundo ficou muito feliz de ter visto o Elder Ayres novamente por que ela era pesquisadora antiga dele, ela quase tinha se batizado na semana que ele tinha saído de lá. Então chegando lá eles a desafiaram para ser batizada no domingo e ela aceitou e foi batizada!
(Elder Ayres): Meu testemunho é Mórmon 9:21 e sei que essas coisas são reais.

Elder Fellows e Elder Lima
No domingo retrasado, pegamos a lista de membros da ala e encontramos uma família de menos-ativos. Contatamos a família lá havia uma moça para ser batizada, mas na noite que fomos lá ela estava saindo para uma festa. Só a vó estava em casa e falou que nunca mais ia na igreja. Ao fim da lição com a avó, já estava combinado de irmos buscá-la no domingo de manhã para levarmos a igreja.
A moça não aceitou o batismo quando a convidamos pela primeira vez. Depois convidamos de novo e ela novamente não aceitou. Fizemos a pré-entrevista e ela disse não a todas as perguntas. Nós então explicamos que o batismo era a coisa mais simples do mundo, que ela iria pra igreja fazer a entrevista, e se batizar e no outro domingo receber o dom do Espírito Santo e se sentir a pessoa mais leve do mundo. Finalmente então ela aceitou o batismo e foi batizada ontem a noite!
Sabemos que foi um milagre do Senhor, e por causa de nossa fé a atitude isso pode acontecer. Porque não desistimos, o Senhor nos mostrou que ela deveria ser batizada. O Senhor nos orientou no que falar, como explicar e o que fazer. Foi tudo muito espiritual e sem Ele nada disso seria possível.

Elder Munk e Elder M. Silva
(Elder Munk) ‘Fomos procurar os pesquisadores para levar na capela, mas quase tudo caiu. Saímos de novo e quando voltamos vimos um rapaz na igreja que nunca tinha visto antes. Conversamos com ele, e era um namorado de membro. Perguntamos se foi a primeira vez que estava visitando e falou que não, era a terceira vez! Falei depois com Elder M. Silva “É BATISMO!”. Mas só depois que notei que poderia ser batismo HOJE! Voltamos a falar com ele e perguntamos por que ele nunca se batizou antes. A resposta foi: NINGUÉM ME CONVIDOU!!! Perguntaram também se ele tinha o desejo de ser batizado e a resposta foi positiva. Almoçamos muito rápido para correr e ensinar tudo para o rapaz. Ele não tomava café e estava guardando todos os mandamentos! Depois chamei os Líderes de Zona para fazer a entrevista e às 17:45h foi batizado. Achamos nosso eleito e batizou 6 horas depois.’ Milagres seguem os que crêem. O campo está branco e os eleitos ouvem nossa voz (Vão na igreja e não tomam café!)

Elder Barros, Elder Van Orden, Elder Markham e Elder Thiago
(Elder Barros): Na quarta a noite, os assistentes chegaram e falaram que eles estavam vindo para nossa área. Chegaram bem animados, e falaram que o presidente os mandou batizar naquela semana. Estávamos com alguns firmes. Durante a semana inteira corremos atrás de pessoas, ensinamos bastante, pegamos referências de membros de pessoas que já foram na igreja, e acompanhamos todos os firmes que tínhamos. Trabalhamos mas tudo caiu! No sábado a noite planejamos buscar muitas pessoas, saímos no domingo às 7:30h, mas ninguém foi na igreja conosco. Convidamos todo mundo na rua e ninguém queria ir. Chegamos na igreja e tinham 5 pesquisadores na sacramental, inclusive um homem chamado Carlos e seu filha, Emily. Faziam 8 anos que eles estavam indo na igreja, mas não tinham sido batizados ainda por causa de alguns problemas. Fomos na casa deles depois no almoço, não encontramos Carlos mas convidamos Emily pra ser batizada no mesmo dia. Com a ajuda dos membros, ela começou a chorar e aceitou a data. Depois fomos procurar o pai dela, e ficamos sabendo que ele tinha ido a uma baile, e fomos lá atrás dele com um membro. Levamos todo mundo pra igreja, enchemos a pia e fizemos a entrevista. Mas às 20h percebemos que não tinha macacão na igreja. Com a ajuda dos membros conseguimos os macacões. Ela foi batizada às 20:45h, pelo tio dela. O pai está se preparando pra se batizar nesta semana, e seu vizinho também pediu para ser batizado. Sabemos que o Senhor nos concede de acordo com os nossos desejos, sabemos que a fé é real, e que nos conduz aos milagres
Síster Scapim e Síster De Oliveira
Apos o trabalho firme de seis duplas de missionários Kennedy e Vinicius foram batizados e estão firmes no compromisso de freqüentar a igreja e participar das atividades da mesma. A historia da Andrea e Marcos também é muito emocionante, Eles foram encontrados pela Sister da Silva e Sister Scapim, quando estavam buscando a sobrinha de Marcos que estava no livro de área. A família estava passando por grandes problemas com alcoolismo e conturbações emocionais, aceitaram a visita dos missionários, mas precisaram casar para serem batizados. A Andrea foi firme em sua postura de querer ser balizada apesar do seu marido marcos ainda não quere ser batizado, enquanto Andrea aguardava ser balizada, ela viu seu filhos um a um serem batizados. Erica, Camila e Indianara foram batizadas ainda com a dupla das Sisteres da Silva e Scapim, quando Sister de Oliveira chegou realizamos o batismo de Angelo que foi fruto do trabalho das duas duplas uma vez que ele oscilava entre querer ou não ser batizado. Agora finalmente Marcos aceitou se casar com Andrea e conseqüentemente tivemos o batismo de Andrea. Foi lindo vê-los felizes tanto no cartório como na igreja sendo casados. Apesar de Marcos ainda não estar guardando a palavra de sabedoria ele já fala que vai se casar com Andrea no templo. Agora estamos trabalhando com Marcos para ele aceitar guardar a palavra de sabedoria.

Elder Woodward, Elder Castro, Elder Vasconcelos e Elder Hall
Na quinta-feira nós ligamos para um rapaz, Joceano, que já tinha ido para igreja duas vezes, só que cada vez que marcamos para ensinar ele não apareceu. Ligamos e falamos para ele não tomar café e que nós queríamos falar com ele sobre algo muito importante. Corremos para a capela as 16:30 na quinta. Ele apareceu e nós falamos com ele sobre o batismo e ele aceitou tudo. Ensinamos a primeira, a Palavra de Sabedoria, e a Lei de Castidade. E daí ele queria ser batizado no Domingo. Ele explicou que ele recebeu uma resposta e que ele sabia que essa igreja era verdadeira. Ensinamos ele mais uma vez na sexta-feira o plano de salvação, o evangelho e o resto dos mandamentos. Realmente ele foi preparado pelo Senhor. Na oração dele ele agradeceu o Senhor que ele encontrou “a única igreja verdadeira”. Ele foi batizado no Domingo de manhã. Logo que ele saiu da água ele ficou muito emocionante e depois nos relatou que ele sentiu um calor testificando para ele o que ele fez foi certo. O Senhor está preparando seus filho para ouvir e aceitar Seu evangelho.

Londrina August 8, 2011

Bom dia!
Wow, that is super exciting about the cruise that you will go on! I will be short as well in my letter so you don´t need to use money on the internet. I love to hear from you a lot! Also I will put the list of miracles as an attachment for you. Only that it is in Portuguese so you can have fun translating! So you will leave tomorrow? Great! I expect very many pictures from you! I want to know how it was!
So, we are very excited here in the mission! We ended this past month in miracles demais! This week already was a little more difficult, but we are very happy and will work a lot! This past week was kind of crazy and a little bit sad for us. We worked in the office on Monday, on Tuesday we had the conference of leaders. It was good because we talked a lot about maintaining the excitement and hard work and made a goal super high and awesome for our mission this coming month! I liked it a lot and there was also cake and ice cream. Hurray! President Tavares is a really really good president and he is doing wonderful things for our mission. The other day we had to go into the office again and work inside all day analyzing about the missionaries and zone leaders. That night we got to work with President and taught a family where only a part is baptized. It was way fun to teach with President and learn things new!
That night we had to move out of our house because we learned that the reason I was getting really sick is because there were some birds that made a home in our roof and I was having bad reactions to them. Now I am serving in a different ward with different zone leaders and a house that is much better to live in! Our other house was a huge mess with 8 missionaries and a family of birds. Hahaha! The mission is very great! We worked a lot in our new area and now we have 3-4 people who can probably be baptized next Sunday! One was very special! On Sunday morning we left to bring people to church, only that no one wanted to go and we were a little frustrated. We went to the church and didn’t have any one there and so we left to a reference from a member named Rafaela and even though we woke her up she was super happy and got ready and came to watch the last meeting, sacrament. She really liked it and felt the spirit really strong and we have a family night with her tonight which will be awesome! We also have a barbeque tonight, so nothing to complain about! Today Elder Tobias from the 70s visited our mission and gave some training. It was pretty dang awesome! The only sad thing was that we had 2 young men who were going to be baptized Saturday and it ended up not happening. Hopefully everything will work out soon. Let’s see what great adventures this week will bring!
I know that the church is true. I testify that Christ lives and loves us. I want to be a better person and help others. I know that each us needs to learn line upon line and fight through our hard times to learn what God wants us to. I know that we have a living prophet and that miracles are real! Have a great week on vacation and give a giant hug to that family for me! Hurray for Israel!
-Elder De Markham

Londrina August 1, 2011


This was a week of miracles! This month we had made a goal for everyone (all of the missionaries) to baptize this month. Until now the most our mission had ever baptized in a month was 124 people and the record for one week was 41 people. So, with the finish of this month we ended up with 150 children of God being baptized this month and 41 this week! Yahoo! We have a system to send a journal thing to everybody about the miracles that happened during the week and this week it was like 5 pages long! Só milagres! Yahoo! This mission is growing a whole lot and it is so awesome to see the work of the Lord happening here.

So, this week was crazy too. When I said that I was kind of sick last week it was a bit of an understatement. I was actually pretty darn sick. I´m totally good now so don´t worry, but this week Sister Tavares ordered me to stay at home Monday until Thursday to get better. It was super frustrating to just sit around and recuperate, but I used the time to call everybody and excite people and see how the mission was doing with baptisms and everything and it was actually pretty fun. I spent a lot of time in the office as well helping President with random stuff. When it got to be Friday

I finally was better and Bauru needed a lot of help. There were a lot of missionaries there that hadn´t baptized yet and so President sent all 4 Assistants there to do craziness. I went to a city clear out in the middle of nowhere called Lençois Paulistas and also in the city of Bauru. It was craziness and we ended up with 10 baptisms this week in Bauru. Miracles people! Also Elza and Thayná and Kelly and doing great there in Bauru. Super cool. We got back from Bauru this afternoon and now we have to have a meeting with President because we have a leadership conference tomorrow that didn´t get planned super well yet because we were all traveling. Anyways, Craziness and awesomeness all at the same time! I will attach some of the accounts of miracles because it is super cool to read. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mary Ann! Thank you so much for your support and love and everything. I got both of the packages and I loved them! Thank you for the memory card and the tie and the candy! The best thing was the letter from Camille. I liked the discourso from Presidente Randy too! I hope the birthday was excellent and send a hug to everybody in the family! It looks like you had a great time in Idaho! Man, family is so great. Phillipy is way cool too! Say hi to him for me.

I bear testimony that miracles are real! I know that Christ is the Lord and that He lives and loves us. The power of the priesthood is real and miracles really happen and is response to faith. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that we have a living prophet. I love you all and I am praying for you every night! Keep up the great work Mom and always remember that I love you!
-Elder Markham