Londrina August 29, 2011

Hey Momma!
It’s great to hear that ya´ll are doing fantastic! I am a little jealous about your awesome trip, but then again, I´m in Brazil, so HA! Thank you for the pictures. I especially liked the one with Sharon that says welcome to Hell. Haha! It is really crazy about how fast the mission goes by. I have hardly noticed the time pass by since Cambé. Joe will be ending soon and Jeff too. Wow crazy! I have some excellent friends. In our mission the financial secretary takes care of the houses, utilities, cell phone, credit cards, reimbursements, and everything the mission buys. I would definitely go insane. The super cool part is that the secretaries get to be around President all day all the time and you can learn a bunch of cool stuff. Nils will probably be an assistant too. AP’s apparently that happens to lots of secretaries. I am happy that Ryan is doing well too! It’s a little rough at the beginning, but pretty soon it gets lots better. I will try to send him a letter.

To answer your questions, no I´ve never been to the water falls. It is prohibited to go there without the president, so basically to go you have to be transferred to Foz, baptize a whole ton, and the hope that President has time to do a Zone P-day. IF not.... já era!
I think I already responded about the secretaries. We have 3 in our mission.

This week passed in a blur. I got back from Foz Monday in the morning, spent P-day sleeping, went to the office all day of Tuesday and left Tuesday night for Maringá. Maringá has two new Zone Leaders, one of which is my good good friend Elder Castro. They were having a lot of difficulties with the ward there and need baptisms to begin construction on a new Chapel. We got there and worked and worked and worked and it was super hot. I got to go on divisions with an ex-mission president and learned a ton of stuff. We found 4 incomplete families that will be baptized this next week and the Lord blessed us with the baptism of a man named Vanderlei who is the husband of a member and has been going to church for years. He will prepare and receive the Priesthood soon and help out the ward a ton! Then to end it all off I got super sick again and spent all of Saturday in the hospital. Don´t worry though, cuz I´m all good. You can pray for me to get better if you want :) Sister Tavares picked the hospital personally and it was super clean and good so don´t worry about scary 3rd world hospitals or anything. I´ll send you a picture next week :)

Our mission baptized 126 this month and things are progressing well. Hurrah for Israel!
I love you a whole ton mom. Give a giant hug to Sharon for me and tell the family that I love them too! My advice for the week is that life is easier if we forget ourselves and just try to help other people. You have a lot less to worry about and you get the joy of serving! Here’s a big óle Brazilian hug for yá.
I know that the plan of Salvation is real. Your anniversary was still valid because you are still married to Dad and always will be! Faith is stronger than fear, light is stronger than dark, hope is the anchor of our soul. Keep smiling and have a great week.

Elder Handsome (ladies) Markham

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