Londrina September 5, 2011

Hello Mother!
My e-mail will be super short this week because I am in the car with President right now going to Foz. Today I will get to go to the waterfalls! WHOO HOOO! I'll send some great pictures next week.

This week we had a baptism in our ward to help complete a family!!! We are planning a bunch of awesome stuff and I am super excited and great. One more time, please don’t worry about me. God is watching over me and you as well. Please give a hug to Sharon and apologize for not writing her yet. I will try send a better e-mail is I have time after the waterfalls, but no promises. I will write a spectacular e-mail next week. I love you so very much!
I know that God loves us. I know that the plan of Salvation covers all ends. I know that we have a living prophet. I testify that this gospel is true.
Até mais!
-Elder Markham

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