Londrina September 12, 2011

Bom dia!
Thank you for the letter. Once again my letter will need to be fast. These past weeks have been super crazy! I am in the mission office and I have a meeting with president in just a little. So, last week I wrote you from the laptop of Sister Tavares as we were driving to Foz. It is 6 hours by car and it was very cramped, but good. On P-day we went to the waterfalls with 2 zones and it was super crazy awesome. I attached a lot of pictures that I hope you will like. I found out that we would be going the night before about 10:15 so it was pretty exiting packing my bags and everything in 15 min. The waterfalls were incredible; really really awesome. We´ll have to go sometime.

After that we worked in Foz do Iguaçu the whole week. On Tuesday Elder R. Santos and I worked in the area of the Zone leaders while they were in interviews with President. We found 3 people who could be baptized this week and helped a woman stop smoking. She will most likely be baptized this week. We worked in Foz Portal the next day and I found another person that Elder Ayres and I found like 2 months ago when we were here and she was baptized last Saturday. Her son is already a member and her husband and other son are preparing to be baptized this week! Yeah! Sadly I wasn´t able to watch her baptism because we were doing baptismal interviews in another area so I don’t have any pictures :( Oh well.

We worked in another area called Itapúa which is the largest manmade lake in the world. The area is really huge with lots of dirt roads and it was raining a ton so it was pretty awesome. There was a thunderstorm so strong while we were there that it was rattling our windows and setting off car alarms and stuff. We all thought it was like the 2nd coming or something but then it ended and it was all good. In spite of the rain we were able to help a couple pass the baptismal interview and they will be baptized Tuesday probably! Yeah baptism! Iguaçu is a great city. It is kind of poor and stuff, but the people are really great. I would love to be called to work there.

To end the week we caught a bus at noon. It is 9 1/2 hours by bus and I was very happy to arrive in Londrina again. So, that was about it!
More details to come next week!
-Elder Markham

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