Londrina September 26, 2011

Hiya Momma!
Thanks for the letter! I am glad things are going well. It sounds like great fun to be with the family and everything. I am a little grumpy because I just barely lost my camera. I think it fell out of my bag in the bus. Aw crud. Oh well. I already sent you most of the really good pictures and stuff is replaceable. I got Grandmas e-mail and it was pretty cool. I´ll write her back a little line! I´m glad it is still working out well to go to work and back without the car. Sharon sure can help you out too! So, this week was pretty ok, but not super great. We baptized twins! There was a family that was inactive because of a huge problem that had with some other ward members, but their two kids Gabriel and Gabriela (YIKES!) kept on going to church and were baptized last Wednesday! Hurray!

I got to go on a division with some great other Elders in Quebec and learned some cool new stuff. There was also baptized an investigator of the Sisters in Ibiporã. He is a great man named Carlos. I went there last week on a division and the Sisters asked us to pass by and give Carlos a blessing to stop smoking. We did so and the spirit was super strong and he promised to stop smoking and be baptized this week. And, he was! Miracles! Yeaah! The mission is having a little bit of trouble this month. There were a lot fewer baptisms than the past month and we need to work really hard to do better. DO you know any good motivator talks or quotes?

Today are transfers. I will remain in Ouro Branco as Assistant one more transfer with Elder Thiago! This is his last transfer in the mission and so it is possible I will stay the next transfer as well to train the new assistant. Vamos ver. It is pretty cool, just that I get super super tired. Maybe I should buy some vitamins or something for energy. Elder Flake is leaving our house and Elder Teucher is arriving. He is pretty cool. Tomorrow we will get to receive all the new missionaries in the airport which is always fun! Yeah the Gospel! I am excited for Conference. Yes I got to listen just fine to conference on the MP3 Player. Thank you for sending it!

Well, I love you a whole bunch. I am praying always for you and the family. I know Families can be together forever. Life is just a test. I´ve learned to have a perspective a little bit different about life. When you spend all day talking about eternal life and atonement and heaven you start to notice how silly some of the things we worry about are. If we are faithful to the commandments God will bless us with what we need and the rest just doesn’t matter. The important is family, Christ and love. I know Christ lives and loves us. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know that we have living prophets here on the earth today.
Love you a whole ton!
-love Elder Markham

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