Londrina August 8, 2011

Bom dia!
Wow, that is super exciting about the cruise that you will go on! I will be short as well in my letter so you don´t need to use money on the internet. I love to hear from you a lot! Also I will put the list of miracles as an attachment for you. Only that it is in Portuguese so you can have fun translating! So you will leave tomorrow? Great! I expect very many pictures from you! I want to know how it was!
So, we are very excited here in the mission! We ended this past month in miracles demais! This week already was a little more difficult, but we are very happy and will work a lot! This past week was kind of crazy and a little bit sad for us. We worked in the office on Monday, on Tuesday we had the conference of leaders. It was good because we talked a lot about maintaining the excitement and hard work and made a goal super high and awesome for our mission this coming month! I liked it a lot and there was also cake and ice cream. Hurray! President Tavares is a really really good president and he is doing wonderful things for our mission. The other day we had to go into the office again and work inside all day analyzing about the missionaries and zone leaders. That night we got to work with President and taught a family where only a part is baptized. It was way fun to teach with President and learn things new!
That night we had to move out of our house because we learned that the reason I was getting really sick is because there were some birds that made a home in our roof and I was having bad reactions to them. Now I am serving in a different ward with different zone leaders and a house that is much better to live in! Our other house was a huge mess with 8 missionaries and a family of birds. Hahaha! The mission is very great! We worked a lot in our new area and now we have 3-4 people who can probably be baptized next Sunday! One was very special! On Sunday morning we left to bring people to church, only that no one wanted to go and we were a little frustrated. We went to the church and didn’t have any one there and so we left to a reference from a member named Rafaela and even though we woke her up she was super happy and got ready and came to watch the last meeting, sacrament. She really liked it and felt the spirit really strong and we have a family night with her tonight which will be awesome! We also have a barbeque tonight, so nothing to complain about! Today Elder Tobias from the 70s visited our mission and gave some training. It was pretty dang awesome! The only sad thing was that we had 2 young men who were going to be baptized Saturday and it ended up not happening. Hopefully everything will work out soon. Let’s see what great adventures this week will bring!
I know that the church is true. I testify that Christ lives and loves us. I want to be a better person and help others. I know that each us needs to learn line upon line and fight through our hard times to learn what God wants us to. I know that we have a living prophet and that miracles are real! Have a great week on vacation and give a giant hug to that family for me! Hurray for Israel!
-Elder De Markham

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