Maringa February 20, 2012

This week has been pretty normal, but good. We just worked really hard all week. On Tuesday we did a division with Elder Prado and Elder Bohne in an area that was having a bit of trouble. It went pretty ok. We worked with the members a lot too. Things were kind of crazy because this week is starting Carnival and everybody just wants to party... :) WE found some great references from Michelle and the ward list and a woman named Cristina came to church with us and is progressing really well. She will probably be baptized very soon.
The rabbits got in our house again and I caught one in a bucket. I petted him and then couldn´t think of what else to do so I just let him go. Maybe the scare will keep them away for a little while. I think rabbits communicate with each other and make plans against human kind.
I gave a talk on Sunday about missionary work and it was pretty fun. I actually like giving talks. This week we will have Zone Conference and so we should learn some pretty cool stuff. Other than that it has all been pretty normal. We broke our record for most lessons taught in one week and we are pretty excited for some more baptisms. Elder Proulx got accepted to BYU and will be going home in 2 weeks. Wahh! So little time. I really like E. Proulx. He has been one of my best companions. Good thing he lives in Springville so it will be easy to find him after. That’s really sad that Bro. Gutzman passed away. You´ll have to take good care of Sis. Gutzman cuz you know what it is like. I’ll pray for you a lot.
I’m glad Sharon is having a good time on tour. I remember when we went to Disneyland and recorded at the studio. It is pretty fun! As for people going on missions I´ve actually gotten several letters that a lot of my friends that are girls are going out on missions too. That’s pretty sweet! A Mission is awesome. Ryan has written me a lot too. It’s going to be awesome to talk Portuguese with Nils and Ryan. But first, we´ve got the rest of Brazil to convert, so onward!

I know that this is the true church of God. I know that the celestial kingdom will be amazing. I know Christ lives and that our family can one day be together again. I love you whole bunches!
-Elder Markham

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