Omaha September 20, 2010

So, lots of stuff has happened since last time so here goes my update! First off I'll guess I'll answer your questions. The weather here has been switching from cold too hot to cold to hot like every 2-3 days. Apparently that’s fall here. A really nice Elder named Elder Taggert went home this last transfer and since he lives in Arizona where its super hot he gave me a bunch of winter gear, so I might not need to worry too much about it. It’s actually been pretty comfortable lately since it hasn't been too darn hot. Well, I'll tell you about Sioux City except that I'm not there anymore.... Ha! Sioux City is a pretty decent sized city probably similar to the Provo-Orem area. There are mostly residential areas and by and large people are pretty well off. It has a lot of hills which makes it loads of fun biking let me tell you. The people are very religious and so they are usually friendly, but it can be hard to talk about the gospel with them. The members are great and I really loved the area. The Spanish people are really nice there too and there are actually quite a few. They have a little Spanish section downtown where they seriously make the best ever and cheapest burritos. They are wicked awesome. Yes I get lost all the time (because I never stay anywhere long!) and we do have a GPS in the truck; makes me appreciate the grid system. Sorry, I've not got a lot of time today so this might be a shorter letter. Right now I am in an area called Benson which is in central Omaha. It’s a pretty middle class area but we also include some poorer areas and section 8 housing and stuff, so I've already had some fun times! The ward here is big on paper, but there are a lot on inactive members and that is sort of what we've been focusing on. The work is kind of slow, but we're losing our car this week so we're going to go out on foot and work really hard and get a bunch more investigators hopefully. My new companions are Elder Haslem and Hansen. I was actually with Haslem in this area on the very first day I was here in Nebraska. Our apartment is super, super small and three people totally don't fit in it. I actually think it’s pretty fun! Nice opportunity for some pranks perhaps... haha! It might still be good just to send stuff to the mission home though. Tomorrow we are having a mission wide tour with Elder Ellis of the 70 who was mission pres in Sao Paulo so that should be fun! I am just flying around by the seat of my pants and it is a lot of fun. The members here are really solid who come and we usually get feed most nights so we don’t have to suffer through our own cooking. I am excited to really dig into the work here and I know with the Lord's help we can really start making things happen! I am so thankful for the Savior and this week for some reason I have really just felt His love for me and the people here that I am working with. Sorry this is so short, but I love you all and will pray for you! Just remember the church is true and God loves you, so what else really matters at all!

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