MTC July 30, 2010

Ola`! This week has been pretty great! More emphasis on the great, but still pretty. So, quite a bit has happened this week apparently! Congratulations to Abbey and Dallin! I am very excited for them. Also, I missed heading to Luna with the Reynolds this year, but it’s all good. A mission is definitely better. (Sorry ya'll). So we had a couple of fantastic talks this week for devotionals. One was about being yourself in the work (which I in my eccentricity appreciated) and the other was about Different was to teach effectively. A funny story is that the speaker said that we should use music to strengthen our lessons. So Elder Larsen and I decided to sing Joseph Smith’s prayer in the TRC. We were totally stoked because it would have freaked out our teacher, who is somewhat straight-laced, but apparently he was one step ahead of us because our investigator ended up being atheist. No problem except we had to spend our lesson teaching about God and that song would have been slightly out of place.... but next week. Ha! Also I am no longer in a three-some. An Elder got his Visa and Elder Poh switched to a different companionship. Ok, this is crazy. Just today about 10 minutes ago, 3 more Elders in our district got their visas! They leave Tues. and our district will be down to 5. I guess I'll still be here a little while.... Oh well. At least this way I can keep on getting packages from Momma! Oh boy. Also this week Andy Isom, Mark Huntington, Bryan Meyer and Nils all got here! It was great to see them all! Us Provoites basically own the place. It’s great. There are soooo many Portuguese Elders here waiting for visas, but rumor tells a bunch might be coming soon. Also, the Provo temple opened up again this week! I just went this morning and it was terrific! Gotta love the Temple. We are continuing our Portuguese speaking and I feel like the language is coming pretty ok. I can understand most things that our teacher says even when they talk really fast. I can speak well enough to sort of be understood, although I'm sure I sound like a crazy! Other than this, MTC life continues pretty much as normal. If you have any questions shoot. We are working on creative ways to teach lessons, so if anybody has good ideas you should pass 'em on! Thank you all for your wonderful support and love. I feel so honored to be here supporting the Lord and I can feel your prayers for the missionaries. I know this is the work of God and I will work till I drop to move it forward wherever I end up! Keep on fighting the good fight! I love you all and wish you the best. Till next time: This has been Elder Markham broadcasting for "Elder Markham writes an e-mail home on his P-day". Stay tuned for excited updates.
-Elder Markham

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