Flying to Brazil October 12, 2010

October 12, 2010
Hello mother! It is so good as always to get your emails! Thank you for sharing mission experiences too. I will be really looking forward to hearing about them! Also, that is so fantastic that Larry got a job! He'll probably be staying closer by now too which is awesome. So, obviously I've got some big news this week. But first I will tell you everything I had for lunch this past week. Ahem...
So my flight to Brazil will be leaving in about 3 hours and I am getting super-way excited, but also a tiny bit nervous. I am way excited to get there and begin serving, but I know it will really take some adjustment. Thank you so much for your prayers and letters and stuff. The package was also fantastic! Thank you for the phone cards and conference talks and such. I will try to call you at the airport if I can. President Kunz will be the one driving me out there so it'll be pretty easy to get permission. The time is finally here and it’s just kind of unreal. I'll be sure to send lots of pictures and such next e-mail. Probably I will send a ton of info next e-mail so be prepared!
This week was kind of slow here in Omaha. Like I said before Elder Haslem had a leadership training this week and also "conveniently"" needed the car, so we spent a lot of time walking around and talking to people. This will be great practice for Brazil, but it gets a little tedious on occasion. Our teaching pool is a little bit small at the moment, but we have met several really great families that we will be excited to start teaching this coming week. Pray for Elder Haslem and Hansen that their appointments will go through! They are also sort of happy that I'm leaving because our apartment is really tiny and not meant for three people so they will enjoy the extra space! I really met some interesting people this week tracting! Along with the nice people I was also told to "go to Africa or something". Tracting is actually pretty fun sometimes because you never know what is going to happen next. This week I had a really cool experience with following the Holy Ghost. We were out just trying some potentials and not really having any luck. We were walking back down a street that we had already knocked and not really expecting much, but then we felt like we should go knock on this door, even though we had already done so last week. We went up and talked to the lady there and she said that her husband was just going through chemo for cancer and was really sick. We talked for a while and offered to help with things and she was very thankful and invited us to come back later this week. Even if she turns out not to be interested, I know that the visit brightened her day. Wonderful things can happen when we listen to the Spirit, I just need to work on doing that all day all the time! Think what miracles could happen then! Hmmm.... I really don't have that much other news. It’s been a crazy week logistically. Well, I will be leaving soon and need to go get ready, but thank you again so much for all your help. I love you Momma so very much and I am proud to be your son. I will be looking forward to hearing about your mission and I am very excited to get to Brazil! I know that God gave us our family to help us learn to be the very best we can. I know you are doing a great job and I am so grateful to be your son. I have a strong testimony of the plan of salvation and it truly is a blessing to be able to talk to others about this wonderful knowledge God has given us. Love you and please keep me updated about how things are going at home!
Love Elder Markham

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