The Nebraska Omaha Mission Experience

We found out on Oct. 7 that Steven along several other missionaries in the Nebraska Omaha Mission received their VISAS to Brazil. Steven was to fly out on Oct. 12. We talked with him on in the airport and he said that he wished he could have two missions; one to Nebraska and one to Brazil!

I am glad he had such a good attitude while waiting. The same thing happened to me 30 years ago. I was called to Mexico on my mission but was not able to get a Visa so I went to Puerto Rico as an interim mission. I will always consider Puerto Rico an important part of my mission. I didn't speak much Spanish there I personally grew in lots of ways that has served me later in life.

Anyway I am grateful for Steven's attitude. He seems happy no matter where he is. I am grateful to President and Sister Kunz who treated these Elders like their own even if they were only temporary. I am also grateful for Christina Morales and the whole Zertuche family. Christina and Sarah still write me. They are great! I am sure that Steven will have nothing but good memories of Nebraska Omaha Mission.

Rosemary Markham, Mom

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