MTC July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010
I am so happy to be here at the MTC! It truly is one of the greatest blessings I have ever received!
This week has been sort of uneventful, but exciting at the same time. This week one of our Elders got his Visa and went to Brazil. Because of that I got a new companion and I am now is a trio with Elder Larsen and now Elder Poh. Elder Poh is a really funny guy with a great testimony of Christ and I think we all get along really well. We have had several awesome devotionals about the Book of Mormon this week, and the more I read it I come to know that it truly is the words of God. ( Eu sei que O Livro de Mo`rmon e` a palavres de Deus. Testifico que O Livro de Mo`rmon e` verdideiro e` eu amo este livro!) (translation: I know that The Book of Mormon is the word of God. I Testify the Book of Mormon is true and I love this book!) I have had a lot of opportunities this week to practice teaching, and it has become my very favorite thing. I love the spirit that comes as you testify of Christ. To help us practice, you can sign up for a thing called the TE where teachers pretend to be investigators and then give you feedback on your lessons. It’s great! So anyways, happy 4th of July everyone! On the night of the 4th we had a special fireside commemorating the great men who had led the way to the restoration. It was cool except they acted it out and all the actors used THE WORST wigs I have ever seen. The message was inspiring, but I couldn't help laughing at the teachers with horrible wigs portraying Washington, Franklin, etc. After the fireside, Pres. Smith announced we would be able to watch the fireworks from stadium! Everybody started cheering and it was pretty fun. It was a nice change from the routine to be able to stay up a little late, but I was totally wasted in the morning! It sounds like everyone is having fun at home too! Sharon has kept really busy and people are getting calls and such. It’s so great to hear about it! I really appreciate all the letters I got this week. Thank you everyone for your consideration and kindness. It’s a great motivation to hear from people you care about. I promise I will work as hard as I can to be an able tool in the Lord's hands as I go out to serve. In your letter Mom you mentioned that the Kapendas volunteer at the TRC. I love the TRC and I always have such a great experience there! Well, I can't think of to much more to share. Life is settling down and I pretty much just go to class all day. I do have an assignment for you all though. As of two days ago the Church has opened the brand new One of the most amazing features is that members can create profile of their lives with the theme "I am a Mormon". It is actually kind of like a "Mormon Facebook". The idea is that investigators will read the testimonies and stories of real people and then have a desire to learn more about what makes life special for us. I know it is a great tool in this digital age and the Lord will touch many lives with it. I would encourage everyone who wants to create a profile and post your sincere testimony so that you can share you light with the world. I know as you do this you will be blessed.
I love you all! Have a great week.
-Elder Markham

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