Foz do Iguacu November 7, 2011

Howdy howdy hi!

So this week has been pretty great. I am glad to hear that things are going so well back at home with you guys! Testimony meeting was great in our ward as well! Also I liked the story about the missionaries in Ireland. Sometimes you have to do crazy stuff! First off to answer your questions: Guarnani is the language of the lamanites and they speak it in many regions close to here. Guilherme leaves Nov 13 for Maceio Brazil! YEAHH!!!

So, this week started off good. We had a family night with a great member named Carlos who helps us out a whole ton. Then we worked real hard all the week long and we taught a lot of lessons with the members here and everybody is getting pretty excited. We had district meeting and discussed all of the needs of the zone and it was great. Elder Hodges and Elder Fonseca ended their missions today and we are having some crazy transfers!

Saturday we went over and helped Josmar build his house. As you can see houses are built very different here in Brazil. You should show Grandpa the picture. And so, Sunday was pretty crazy as well. Sunday morning was raining. This would be ok except that in Brazil if it rains everyone gives up on everything and just sleeps. When we got to church 0 of our investigators were there. At first we just ran out into the road calling everybody who passed to come to church. Although this didn’t work to well it was fun! Then we called a member Valmor who is bom demais who drove us back to the house of a family that we are teaching. We knocked and knocked and nobody came out, but just as we turned we saw them coming back from the supermarket in pajamas and everything. We shouted come on! Let’s go to church! They all complained about the rain and being early and everything but we just kind of shoved them in the car and went. The testimony meeting was super spiritual and they loved it and want to come back next week! Miracles are real and can be quite funny! Also a litter of cats was born in the neighborhood that has been invading everybody’s houses! haha! Josmar has agreed to stop drinking coffee and we should be having some more baptisms here soon! Transfers are today and there will be 4 people training in our zone. This is pretty crazy and will be a great chance for us to work super hard and baptize a whole ton! YEAH!!!

I will also send you the letter from our zone for you to know what is happening here. Should be great! I know that the Book of Mormon was written for us. I know that God will try our faith in all things, but will never leave us. I know that Christ lives and loves us. I know that this is the true church of Christ.


Love, Elder Markbacon (because it’s really hot and I think all of my ham is fried)

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