Foz do Iguacu November 28, 2011

Oi Momma!

Thank you for the letter! I love to hear from you! It’s kind of cool that I will be turning 21 as well. Now I can drink and buy cigarettes! As for the age we will be resurrected, I just think it’s funny that we will be twinkled at the age of a tree in the millennium. Maybe we will be Ents. Tell grandma super thank you for the birthday money! I will go shopping today and buy something nice. I got kind of sad that we don’t have thanksgiving in Brazil thinking about all of the great food. We eat really good here in Foz and the food is excellent! But if I could trade out rice and beans for a nice sandwich or casserole, I think I would! The best thing about food here is called Churrasco. I learned how to make it and its sure good!

That cool that Mary Ann and Randy are going on a cruise. Mary Ann and Camille are famous in our mission because I showed everybody how they are in the Ensign for conference that one time. As for Tyrel being engaged....... wow weird. But tell him congratulations and to save some cake for me!

This week The temperatures here are starting to be about 100 the whole day long. This would be tolerable except for the fact that everyone keeps on saying that we haven´t seen nothing yet. *gulp*. I hope the Word of Wisdom protects against skin cancer and dehydration! If you feel like sending any more SPF 100 sunscreen I totally accept.

With all this work we have to stay in the baptismal font more often to keep cool! This week we saw another tender mercy of the Lord and Ana Carolina the sister of Viviane was baptized Saturday! Her brother Rafael is also progressing well and we found a great family (Edson, Igor, Filipe and Sara) this last week. There is another man named Filipe who is going to church strong now and with lots of prayer he will be baptized very soon! We had Stake conference yesterday and Presidente Tavares visited us her in Foz. There was a very funny old man who used to be in the temple presidency and he made everyone laugh by saying that the 2 things we need in a good marriage are trust and ketchup in case our wife doesn´t cook well. There was also a returned missionary from New York who said a line that I really liked. He said in New York there are more that 8 million people and only 170 missionaries. He wakes up everyday thinking I have 8 million people to convert today! I liked this attitude. Let’s baptize Brazil; all of it. Elder Folland is super awesome and already speaks Portuguese really well. The members are giving us tons of food and references and things are going pretty well. In 2 weeks we will have a Christmas conference which will be cool. The week of the conference our P-day will be on Tuesday so don’t freak out that my letter comes late.

I know that God live and loves and guides us. This is the work of the lord and no unhallowed hand can stop it. We have the fullness of truth and access to the blessings of heaven. Our family is forever. I love you and so do Sharon and Dad. Keep on reading the Book of Mormon every day.

And most important: Never give up. NEVER surrender.

Love you

Your year older son:

Elder Iron Man Markham

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