Foz do Iguacu November 14, 2011

Hiya mommie!

So this week there isn´t all that much to say. I spent most of the week doing transfers and sitting on the bus. But first off, I´ll start by answering your questions:

It’s going ok. Josmar is ok, but not super great. Guilherme is doing great. I do not know how many missionaries there are in the Londrina Stake. Yes our mission has 2 councilors. They are good but I don’t remember their names. I’m not really sure what they do exactly, but it must be important!

That is super neat that they finished the broadcasting building and everything. I think Jessica works there now. It must be super fun to mess around with all the cool stuff! Haha! Also here are the pictures from last week. I will be praying for Grandma for sure and the surgery. Please say hello and give a hug to everybody back on the ranch.

So this last week was like this:

Monday: p-day

Tuesday: Transfers, which turned out to be a giant mess and we spent pretty much all day trying to receive people and straighten everything out.

Wed: 12 hours on the omnibus to Londrina

Thurs: Leaders council that was pretty good and we learned how to train other leaders and Elder Dewey, Kaelin and I sang a sweet version of Hie to Kolob.

Fri: 12 hours on the bus returning to Foz

Sat: Running around crazy to catch up on the work
Sun: Rained like crazy and everybody got real, real wet.

Good week!

The only thing is that I am a little frustrated that nobody was baptized here yet. President sent me here to turn the zone around and help everybody out, but since I got here nothing has changed. Any suggestions?

This is the true church of the Lamb. Families are forever and ever and ever! Yeah!

Love you lots!

Let’s use SKYPE again on Christmas ok?

-Elder Markham

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