Maringa December 26, 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS! And a very happy, happy new year!
I was so great to talk with you yesterday! You and Sharon are looking great and it sounds like life is going pretty good! I am so happy that Christmas was good and that you got to visit with a bunch of family. I hope everyone is in great spirits and had a wonderful Christmas! Yesterday was cool. We pretty much just visited the members. We watched a movie with Bishop called how rare a possession about the Book of Mormon that was really great. We ate dinner with a family of recent converts that are super cool and have a mom and sister to baptize still....OOOOooooOOO :)

My new companion is Elder Proulx. He is originally from Pennsylvania, but now he is living in Springville and will go to BYU probably. This week we are going to work hard and help lots of people come to Christ! We are going on splits with the members every day actually. It is really nice. I like that the ward helps us out so much here. It is really great. So, I can’t really think of anything new, kind of said everything yesterday.... but to quote Grandma Elaine, I sure do you love whole bunches! I realized that I am not good at taking pictures. I never remember to get the camera. So, they say a picture is worth 1000 words, and so a video must be worth even more, so I will send you a video of us singing to make up for the short letter. It got out of focus, but I think the sound is good.

I know that Christ resurrected from the dead to save us. I know he lives and loves us individually. I know the church is true. Just keep on Swimming!
Love, Elder Markham (Iron Man)

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