Foz do Iguacu December 5, 2011

Hello! Mother of mine!
How good it is to hear from you!
I was very happy to get your happy birthday letter and everything! I am glad that thanksgiving was fun and the food was good and everything. That’s crazy about all of that wind. I wish it were cold here.... I think i might die of hotness! But it’s all good right?

So last week was pretty normal. Worked hard. Ate food. My birthday lunch was pretty awesome. Irmão Carlos in our ward used to work in a really nice restaurant and he made a whole ton of really really really good food. We ate some lemon cake that was absolutely excellent!

We brought a new family to church yesterday named Erni, Maria and Lucas. They are really cool. Also Filipe accepted to be interviewed for baptism this coming week and also Rafael (the brother of Viviane and Ana Carolina)! We should have a great week. This week will also be Friend Sunday and a pizza party in the church. It should be a great chance to involved ´people in the Ward. I am leaving for Londrina in about an hour for leadership training and Conferencia of Christmas will be next week. Also tell grandma and Debbie and Bill very thanks for the letter!

I know that we have living prophets in our days. I know the plan of salvation is real and that our families can be together forever. I love you soooooooo much and I will continue praying for you. Keep up the great work!
-Elder Markham

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