Foz do Iguacu December 13, 2011

Hello Mommy!

So thank you very much for the letter this week! I am glad that things are going so well back at home. The Lord is really blessing us so very much. I will pray for Grandma because she can´t stop running for sure! To answer some questions: That’s totally fine for them to use the truck. It needs to be driven. Also, about the exotic birds, Paraná isn´t really very exotic and so people only have those things if the buy them. It is more to the north that has the crazy forests and stuff.

This last week was interesting. Monday we spend 10 hours on the bus going to Londrina. I got really sick from I don’t know what and it was sort of miserable. Tuesday we had leadership conference in Londrina and learned a bunch of cool stuff, just that I was still sick and didn´t pay attention all that well. Wednesday we spent another 10 hours on the bus trying not to be sick. The rest of the week was kind of slow. The assistants came here to work with us because they gave some training at the Christmas conference. That was cool and it is always fun to see them. Yesterday was the conference and so today is our P-day. The conference was great. We ate at a super fancy restaurante called Fogo Dourado. Bom demais! We had a little program and I got to play piano a whole bunch which was fun. The really funny news is that I talked to Sister Tavares about why I was getting sick. She called São Paulo and they determined it is a problem with the heat. I am super white and it has been about 110-115 here the last few weeks. They authorized me to use a dress hat to stop getting sun burned. It will be funny to be the only missionary walking around with a hat equal Parley P. Pratt style. I´ll send you a picture when I buy it.

Anyways, I love you all so very much. I love to read the conference talks and I know that we have a living prophet here on the earth. I know this gospel is true and brings great happiness to our lives. Keep up the great work!
Love Elder Markham

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