Bom dia! Thank you so much for the e-mail! It was really great to talk with you yesterday as well! I am thoroughly surprised how well Skype worked out. And it is free which is even more awesome. Thanks so much for being such a great Mom. I am so happy that you are doing well. You are looking healthy and liking your job and being around the family and everything good. Happy Mother’s day for sure! I would just like to thank you for always being such a wonderful example for me of how to live the gospel. Sure, everybody has a lot of problems in life, and sometimes we get discouraged and grumpy, but you have always shown me how to keep on going even when things are not ideal. You always taught us to live the gospel and love each other and in the end that is more important than anything else we can do in this life. You are so strong to deal with everything you have gone through and I remember your example when things get hard. Happy Mother’s day to the best Mom in the whole world.

So, I haven´t gone to the foot doctor yet because I can´t find out where it is at! I´ll get there though. The foot doctor isn´t too bad cuz they just look at your feet. Today for P-day the Zone leaders are gone to Londrina again and we’ve got to clean out the house a little bit. It is quite a job to keep our house clean with 4 missionaries, but whatever!

After we talked we had a really cool lesson with a man named Manoel who is going to church every Sunday and reading the Book of Mormon and absolutely loving it! He wants to be baptized but has some marriage issues. Please pray for him!

This sexta-feira (Friday) we are having a sweet activity in the church. It is a competition where the men in the ward have to make a cake and the women get to judge them. It should be pretty fun and I´m hoping the left-overs get donated to us!

Sometimes I wonder if I´m really doing that good of a job as a leader and a missionary. It gets a little discouraging sometimes not to see the results that we were hoping for. This week I´ve been learning an important lesson. It is not about what I think needs to be done, but what the Lord wants me to do. Like it says in Isaiah 55, The Lord´s ways are not our ways. I want to put more focus on being an instrument in the Lord´s hands and seek out what He wants me to do, then put away any pride and do it. I know that in this way we can be more effective and really achieve great things. It is difficult to always be in tune with the Spirit, but it is something very important. Thank you so much for all of the love and prayers! Please give Sharon a huge big hug for me! I love you Momma.

I know that Christ lives and that he is our Savior. I am trying to feel every day more and more the power of His atonement for us. I know that if we try our best we can someday be like Him. I know that President Monson is the Lord´s prophet today. That is an amazing story about Brother Mix. I know that this Gospel is true.
-Love Elder Markham
P.S. Happy Birthday to Dad!
P.S.S. Do you ever hear from Sarah and family in Nebraska? How are they doing?

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