Bauru May 16, 2011

Oi minha amada mai!

I will have to beg pardon again that this e-mail is a little rushed. Today we had p-day with our entire zone and things got a little mixed up and rushed. We went to the property of a super rich member here in Bauru and played soccer and had barbeque and all that stuff. It was pretty alright, but I missed sleeping! I also finally got to the foot doctor and got some orthotics and I hope things will finally get resolved. Vamos ver (we’ll see).

Any who, this week was really good, but also slightly frustrating, but also mostly good. We decided this week to give an even greater emphasis to working with the members and it is giving some decent results. We are trying to mark family nights with people to bring their friends and have a nice atmosphere to present the gospel. The members here are cool and helpful, but it is definitely still a lot of work to keep on top of them as well!

This week in church we had a great turn out. We had 6 investigators there which is a lot better than it has been. One new family came that we have been teaching named José e Claudia. They are way cool and I hope they can be baptized soon! The other miracle that happened was that a member brought his friend with him to come and visit church. His name is Rafael and after we visited him that night, he said that he felt like this was the time to start being an example to his family and he only wanted to know how soon he could be baptized! We marked his date for next Sunday and he is already living the Word of Wisdom and lei de castidade (law of chastity) and everything! Super miracle! Manoel is doing well and he is really excited but he still has a problem with marriage that we want to resolve with bishop.

We found another family that has a great desire to stop smoking and find a church that fits them. Super cool stuff happens when you work hard and pray hard. I probably need to get better at the praying hard and always remembering to thank the Lord for everything part. This is His work and we have to get out of the way and let Him do it! This week had some rough moments when we didn´t really know exactly what to do or where to go, but it is important to punch through hard moments. That is probably true of anything in life too. Elder Stinocher is doing well and learning fast. He is helping me a lot to especially in teaching better which is sweet.

Bauru does have a really big ward. They are decent at fellowshipping, but the size of the ward makes it hard to visit people sometimes. That’s where missionaries and endless walking come in!

I am glad that you are exercising and working and doing super well! I think you are looking really good too! God is truly blessing us cada vez mais. Please pray a lot too! If I like to get long letters or phone calls think how much more our father in heaven wants to hear us his children. Thank you for sending a memory card and all that stuff. I really appreciate it. It is great to know I´m loved though and you guys really are the best. That is way exciting that an apostle will come to our stake! Tell me what he says! So what else cool has happened lately? Are my speakers working out well with our huge ole TV? Well, till later days!

-Love Elder Markham

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