Maringa January 30, 2012

Hello Hello Hello!

Yeah, this week was pretty crazy cool. I´m dead tired, but it was worth it. I get pretty jealous with you talking about snow and winter. I´ve come to the conclusion that winter doesn´t exist here. People put on winter coast when it gets to be like 70 degrees here! haha!

So this week was the last week of the transfer and it was pretty crazy! We decided to do a bunch of ´mutirões´ here to help out all of the Elders. This is when we grab everybody from the district and all go to one area to find tons of people and teach a ton and stuff. On Tuesdays we went to a small city called Cia Norte and it was raining a whole ton, but even though it was super rainy when taught lots of people and found 3 people to be baptized this week and it was way good. Then on Thursdays we did another one in a city called Paiçandu, just out of Maringá. It was raining a ton too and Paiçandu is a city of almost all dirt roads and so we looked like a battle ragged army afterwards, but it was pretty awesome. Elder Novaes from Paiçandu was ending his mission this week and it was good to go out with a bang! Elder Lee also finished his mission. Elder Lee is pretty rad.

So Michelles daughters did not get baptized yet, but Julia and Lucas did! They are the brother and sister of Marco who was baptized at the first of the transfer! All the young men and primary came to watch the service and they really liked it. Now we are working to baptize Alex and Miriele e Milene! Hurray for Israel! So the transer ended and I stayed here with Elder Proulx. This will be cool because this is Elder Proulx´s last transfer so we will work até o pó.

To answer your question about driving, I am super glad that we don’t have to drive here! Yes, I see accidents all the time and people here are pretty crazy driving! The rain is really strong too. Well, I´m really excited to rest this P-day and drink a whole bunch of tereré! Thank you so much for the support and love. The packages too! I will be praying for you to feel better during the winter.

I love you whole bunches and bunches! You are the best mom ever, so just keep in there! We had a training about doing family indexing in church Sunday and it reminded me of you.I testify that this is the work of Christ. It is the best feeling to be and instrument in His hands. I know that our family will be forever. We will all live together again and it will be great!
Just keep on smiling! YEAH!!!!
-Elder Markham

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