Maringa January 16, 2012

Hello Mommy!

Just to let you know, you are the best Mommy in the whole wide world and I love you. Here is a Steven hug sent through cyberspace. Sorry my other letter didn’t come through. I resent it just now. How were the results of the MRI? Is it really annoying lying still for 2 hours in a machine? How do you not fall asleep?

Give a hug to everybody there for me. That is also neat that we got new glass in the window. There is annoying techno music playing right now and it is hard to concentrate! Grandpa would find the houses here very interesting I think. Construction is very different here.

So this week was interesting. I don’t remember if I already mentioned, but the secretaries forgot to pay our water account and it got cut for a few days. It’s all fixed now, but we had to climb up on the roof to get rainwater to wash our clothes. Pretty exciting! Hence the picture of Elder Proulx on the roof. On Monday we went to Londrina in a van for leadership conference. It was pretty cool and we learned and bunch of good stuff about asking inspired questions and such. The next day we came back home started to work like crazy to make up for time. The weather was nice because it rained a ton for 3 days straight and got really cold. This is awesome for 3 reasons. 1) I like the cold 2) I didn’t get sunburned! 3) Everybody stays at home when it is cold so we taught lots of people! We had 2 families come to church with us (Mario, Rosimeire e Alex) and (Michelle and 4 children). It was a pretty intense and tiring week, but we have lots of good investigators and this week should be pretty great. We have interviews with President this week too, so that’s good. Also our ward mission leader went to Paraguay and bought us an entire crate of TererĂ©! Oh boy is tererĂ© good. I´ll try to bring some back with me. Yum. Anywho, that’s about all folks. Thank you so much for the help with BYU and the love and prays and everything you do for me. You really are the best mommy ever!
The scriptures are true and they bring hope. Jesus is the Christ and died for us. We have a living prophet today. Lives can change. The sun will shine. Never give up. NEVER SURRENDER
-Elder Iron Man

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