Happy New Year Maringa January 2, 2012

Feliz Ano Novo! WAHHOOO! Vamoquevamo! So the spacebar is broken on this computer and I don’t have the patience to keep fixing everything, so if there are a lot of words all put together please forgive me! So happy New Year peoples! How was the news year’s celebration? Did they have any good fireworks? Did you pass the night at grandmas? Or do something else cool? It looks from the pictures that Christmas was really fun! Que bom that the family is still all together although everybody is starting to look way different! I don’t know if I have changed all that much in appearance, have I? Speaking of appearance, Max´s beard is awesome! How does he have a beard and go to BYU? Grandpa was probably real happy to get some chocolate for Christmas! Thank you so much for the packages that you sent! I hope they weren’t too expensive, but It is really great to get things in the mail, so thank you very much!
So this week was pretty good. We started off the week doing a double division in a city called Cia Norte to train a new district leader. It was really tiring, but we found some great families and worked hard. The week was a little tricky because everybody was traveling or with family and stuff like that, but we still managed to find some great people. We found a family of two inactives and their son Alex. They are super cool and the moms name is Rosemeire, Rosemary in Portuguese! They want to come back to church and we have a family night with them this week. We also found another miracle family. We prayed in the morning that we could find a family to baptize this month and that same day God answered with the family of Nei, Claudia, Gabriel, and Larise. They couldn´t go to the church this week because of work, but we taught them with Bishop and it is going really well. The even greater miracle is that of the baptisms this week! On Sunday we had the baptism of Peterson and Larise. They are children of Antonio and Maria. Antonio is less active for more than 15 years and after the baptism everybody was crying and happy and probably the mom will be baptized soon. We had a recent convert Admilson baptize them and he as crazy happy and wants to baptize all of Maringá now! Super cool. Since Sat. and Sun were super hard to do normal work, we made apple pie and took it to a whole bunch of the members. They all loved it. Elder Proulx makes pies just like Dad! Way cool. It was really hard to sleep Saturday night because at midnight it seemed like the start of WW3. Fireworks in Brazil aren´t really the pretty type that make cool patterns, they are pretty much just bombs that make a ton of noise and looks like anti-aircraft flak from world war 1. Right at midnight all we could hear was BANGBOOM BANNG BLAM! I thought we were under attack. Sunday we had some good people at church even though it was New Years and one, Ronaldo is trying to quit smoking to be baptized soon. Yeah! So, things are going pretty good and we will keep on working hard. I love you all so very much! Oh, we also got to do a special music at the baptism and I played guitar. Pretty sweet! I know the church is the true church of God. I know that the priesthood is real and that our families can be together forever. The Book of Mormon is true.
Happy 2012!
Love, Elder Markham!

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