Londrina October 17, 2011

Bom dia!
Como vai tudo lá em Provo?
Thank you so very much for your letter. It is always good to have positive reinforcement! So, B-day.... It didn´t exactly go how we wanted it to, but it did have several good effects. The mission whole had about 48 baptisms planned for the weekend, but sadly only 24 were baptized and confirmed. The excellent thing is that 24 PEOPLE WERE BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED!! Whoo hoo!!! And almost all of the others are now preparing for this week and so there will be many more baptisms this week. Everyone got pretty excited and there were some cool miracles that happened.

Here in my ward we baptized 2 people one named Giovanna who is the daughter of an inactive family of 5 that has come back to church now. Also a boy named Maicol. He is super excited and his Dad and Brother are preparing to be baptized this coming week! We had 13 investigators at church which was great! 5 of them are planning to be baptized this week or next! Yeah! One is a family of 3 with Maria, Juninho and Kawani! They loved church and are super excited. We also had Junior, Denise and Adalto. Adalto is 33 and came to church on his birthday. Afterwards he had a party and sent his friend out on his motorcycle to find the Elderes because he didn’t want them to sing happy birthday without “os Mormones!” haha! They are with a few doubts still, but let’s pray for them to accept the gospel soon. There were a few funny stories that happened this week. First, I had to calm down a crazy argument in Sunday school when the poor old teacher tried to teach about marriage and said that you can be sealed to more than one person. Technically he is right, but you kind of have to explain these things the right way... haha!

Elder Thiago and I both got sick from eating so much cake. So, we had the baptism of Giovanna on Saturday and her mom made this suuuuper good cake with condensed milk. Then we had the baptism of Maicol on Sunday and at lunch afterwards. Sister Vilma made a suuuuuper good chocolate cake. Then we visited a less active family who had a birthday on Saturday and they gave me a piece of cream cake. Elder Thiago didn´t eat any because he said he was full from lunch. I said to him; just eat it because you don’t know the next chance we will have to eat cake. He thought for a minute and then said ok. The next house we visited was the house of Maicol and his mom made a suuuuuper good cake of brigadeiro. When she asked if we wanted any I said sure and Elder Thiago said no. I said to him; just eat it because you don’t know the next chance we will have to eat cake. He thought for a minute and then said ok. Then a few hours later when we were walking in the road the friend of Adalto found us and told us about the birthday party and we went there. They had a suuuuuper good cake of Maracujá and I ate a ton. Elder Thiago said no. I said to him, just eat it because you don’t know the next chance we will have to eat cake. He ate some and said, Elder Markham if you say that again I will kill you. So, in all it was a pretty good day. Here we invite others to come unto Christ through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end of the cake.

Also it has been raining every single day this week and all my clothes are wet because dryers don’t exist here and ... things don’t dry in the rain. haha! Só água!

We had Zone conference with Londrina last Friday and I gave a training about getting member references and planning right. We also sang a song in 4 parts with me, Elder Dewey and two sisters. It was pretty cool. Tomorrow I will travel para São Paulo to have another Zone conference. It should be pretty alright.
Sooó na viiiida boa!

Thank for the news. I hope Grandpa is doing well with the loss. Please tell him I love him a whole bunch. The postmen are on strike here in Brazil and so anything I write won’t get to you and I haven´t received and letters for a long time. So please just tell Grandpa for me would be easier. That’s cool that Jenna is engaged! Just have to get Justin engaged now. HAha!
I would appreciate the Ensign written, although it will probably demorar muito,(take at long time), but I don’t think it necessary to send the audio. I don’t have a lot of time to listen to things.

I love you so very much Momma! You really are such a great example to me. Thank you for all the wonderful things you do. Good luck on your driving test! Don’t crash! I will pray for you and Sharon.
I add my witness to those of the past, that Christ lives, Joseph Smith was a prophet. This is the true church. The Book of Mormon is 100% true. The priesthood has great power. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. Our family can be together forever.
What else matters?
Onward Christian Soldiers!
-Elder Markham

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