Foz do Iguacu October 24, 2011

I only have one word to describe what happened this week: WHAAAAAAAAAATTTT?????!!!!
So, this week started off pretty normal, we went up to São Paulo to have Zone conference with Marília, Bauru and Presidente Prudente. It was pretty good and stuff. We also worked a lot with José Carlos and family. In truth we had a baptism as well. A man named Hernando. He has 20 years and he is the boyfriend of a member. He will go on a mission probably! Hooraay! The baptism was really great. Then after that we went to São Paulo. It was fun to ride in the car with President because we got to talk about cool stuff like Kolob and eternal progression and other cool stuff! We had a family night with some recent converts and investigators and it was pretty darn great. We had lots of good food as well.

Then came the surprise:
Thursday: President called us into the office because there was a new American missionary arriving here in Brazil. He got his Visa and Salt Lake sent him all of a sudden to us here in the mission. We went there and had interviews with President and like I said, I had already meio que said that I was a little tired of being assistant and stuff and that it would be cool to do something else. President said, “You will not be assistant forever, but for the time being you are still.” We continued the interview a little bit and then he said all of a sudden smiling broadly, “now you can be done being assistant. We need a new trainer for the new missionary and we also need a new Zone leader in Foz do Iguaçu. Pack up, you´re leaving tomorrow!” So right now I am writing to you as a new Trainer/Zone Leader in ala Porto Meira, Foz do Iguaçu. Whaaaa??? I am suuuper happy and excited for this new calling. My new son is named Elder Folland. He is from Bountiful, Utah and he is super awesome. He speaks really good Portuguese and has a great desire to work hard. After he arrived we packed up our stuff and got on the bus. Poor kid, he had just gotten off 25 hours of airports and airplanes and had to get on the bus for another 11 hours! We got here at midnight of Friday and started work on Saturday. We found 2 whole families, one with 3 people and the other with 6 and everybody went to church with us yesterday and loved it. The ward here is super great and awesome! Everyone got super excited to have new missionaries and lots of investigators and we will probably have lots of baptisms this week and the next! Whoo hoo! Things are going really great even though Foz is suuuuper hot! Yeah!!!! (fist pump)
So back to you guys, Congrats on passing your driver’s test! That is so great. I knew you would do well. It runs in the family huh? That’s too bad that your night life got cramped up. Don’t worry, when I return we´ll hit the streets big time. Haha. Also I got your package! Thank you sooooo very much! President was super happy about the root beer extract and I gave him a tie. Sister Tavares looved the book and the movie and sends much love and thanks to you! Thank you for the camera and everything. It will help a lot. The mail strike is only affecting small stuff like normal letters and things so don’t worry about spending lots of money of fedex. I will pray for our neighbors. God really does do miracles and will help us all. I love you so very much! I know God lives and loves us. I testify that this gospel is true. Our families can and will be together forever!
avante guerreiros do Sião!!!!
-Elder Iron Markham
P.S. Hugs and kisses (ONLY TO MOM AND SHARON!)

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