Bauru, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

Hiya hiya hiya!
So, this week has been pretty good. With the help of a member from another ward we are teaching his entire family and they are super excited! He is named André and he has been a member for lots of time. Just now the rest of his family is getting interested and we are working with them. We had a family night with Elza (mom) Kelly (sister) Tainá (daughter) and Rodrigo (son). Rodrigo is 6 and waaaay funny. We did this activity and now he loves the missionaries and wants a game every time we teach a lesson! We have another family night tonight and Elza went to conference yesterday!

We almost baptized another person yesterday. On Friday we had a super spiritual lesson where we put the steps to heaven on the ground. Her sister had already been baptized a few months before and we had the rest of the family walk up to celestial kingdom and she (Christiane) had to stay on repentance. It really put things in perspective and after a while she just asked us if she could be baptized! The problem is the next day she got reeeaallly sick and couldn´t come to her interview. Then when we called back to check up on her she sounded upset and said she doesn´t want to be baptized anymore. We are going back there ASAP and hopefully we can resolve the issue. I think she is very close to baptism and somebody said something that scared her. The devil seems to work harder right before someone gets baptized. Pray for her and for us and I have faith that we´ll have good news next week!

Speaking of next week, it is transfers next week! It’s crazy to think that I´ve already been here in Bauru for a month. I still feel super new here, but it’s great. I think it’s a somewhat difficult area, but its gives a lot of room to grow.

I´m am so happy to hear all the good news from home. Your new medicine is working, you are starting your cool research job, Larry and Jennie got a house, the family went to Outback, man! Life is good. Thank you a lot for all your advice too. I´ve decided people are just hard to work with. Everything looks good on paper and then you have to cooperate with people and stuff goes crazy! We are trying a lot to involve the ward and it is having decent success. I just want to find out how to take it to the next level and really get some work done. This week we are going to make some super goals and do work. The only problem is that the LZ´s are going to Londrina for 3 days for some training. Oh well. Forward!

To answer your questions: Bishops name is Bispo da Paula. Conference was broadcast live. The problem is that we were only allowed to watch one session on Saturday IF we brought an investigator. I saw the Saturday morning and the two on Sunday. We couldn´t watch Priesthood because it was too late. My favorite talks were the one about to be vs. to do and also Elder Bednar about receiving revelation. Elder Holland gave a pretty cool talk too. A funny thing is that Elder Crosbie and Vilela heard Elder Scott´s marriage talk and now they are worried because they have to go home and get married! haha! I actually think it would be awesome if you could send me a copy of the Conference Ensign as soon as it comes out because it really takes forever to get them on the mission and I want to read the two sessions I missed. We had an ok turnout for Conference, but it could have been better. It rained a lot on Sunday and for some reason, if it rains here, the people just give up and don’t do anything, so I was a little hard to get people there. Oh well. Thank you for your letter! I like them to be long so please don’t apologize. I know Dad is closer than we think. I know God´s plan is real and I love the gospel. Thank you for all of your prayers and love. I couldn´t do it without you! Jesus lives and we have a prophet in our days. What more could we need?
Over and out;

-Elder Markham

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