Bauru, April 18, 2011

Holy cow! I have soooo much stuff to tell this week and not very much time! So, firstly, my new companion is named Elder Stinocher. He is from Mesa, Arizona and he knows Ryan Reynolds. Ten of the new elders were from the US and 11 were from Brazil and so I guess all that praying really helped! Elder Stinocher is awesome! He loves the same kind of eclectic indie rock music as me, likes to snowboard and is a good worker. I stayed in the same apartment, same area. Elder Neal was transferred and Elder Villela got a new companion named Elder Burt from Utah. We are having a good óle time here! Being District leader is crazy too! I am responsible for 4 other missionaries and I have to know their investigators and help them out and train them on splits and give trainings every week at district meeting. Yikes! I´ve was praying a lot lately. Yes, there are not any sisters in our zone.

Andrés family is doing SOOO good! We had an awesome lesson about the Savior and Elza and Thayna are getting baptized this Saturday at 7:00. Elze is inviting people and talking about it and getting very excited! So elect! Yeah! There is another family of 3 (Fátima, Wendel and Rafiela) that could very well be baptized this Sunday. We have family night with them today and we´re doing it in the church by the baptismal font (hint hint..... get in the water!) Also, this last week we had the baptism of Rosemarina! (almost your name!) Elder Neal and I found her one day on divisions and she dropped everything and even paid tithing before being a member to get ready to be baptized! Her son came to church to see her baptism and agreed to be baptized next Sunday! Woo hoooo!! awesomeness!

I have heard about Cambé also. I ran into Elder lee in the bus station and he said they baptized Jaqueline finally and also Silvia! Maicon, the youth that we made great friends with got his mission call to Rio de Janeiro and Guilherme is preparing his papers!

We´ve been working our missionary butts off and Elder Stinocher thinks I walk to fast, but sometimes it’s just too exciting! This last week we had zone conference and President showed a video clip that really changed my attitude. He showed a clip from the Patriot when the US army is being crushed by the Britain’s. They start to turn and run away, but then Mel Gibson heroically charges all alone into enemy lines and rallies the troops on the victory. President put in captions like District Leader and Zone leader under the characters and the scene that touched my most was the district ‘screaming their heads off and running straight into the battle! President showed this to teach the importance of a good leader. This is exactly like missionary work and lately I´ve been starting the day screaming and running around like a dufus. YEaaaaahhhh!!! Batiiiismo!!! Dude, I´m totally Iron Man AND Mel Gibson! Take that devil! (and so humble :) ) It’s actually been pretty great lately. We´ve got a few more people with baptisms marked for 2 weeks and we´re going to make it happen! Also, it is really hot here.
Thank you a lot for the packages! The candy and also the orange tie in particular are awesome!

-With love,
Elder Markham

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