Bauru, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

Hello mother!

Thank you very much for your e-mail!

Happy birthday to Lucy too! I hope you made a delicious cake and ate it with family and had good memories. I am very excited to hear about your new job and office. It looks super cool. Like some kind of high tech secret agent deal. Are you secretly working for the FBI? There is a guy in our ward who is a spy for the government. He is way cool and says funny things.

So, I have some super exciting news. Today are transfers and................. I´m going to be a Dad! I got a call yesterday and learned that we will have 21 new missionaries who will be arriving this transfer and I will be training one of them! I will be going to Londrina later today to find out who it is and I will come back here to Bauru tomorrow. I don´t feel super prepared, but please pray for me that I can do my best and help out the new missionary.

This last week we had 2 baptisms in the ward! I don´t have pictures unfortunately because I was playing prelude music while they were taking pictures. It was super cool. It was 2 people that Elder Neal and I found while the Zone leaders were gone. It is in the other area, but I got to teach them several times and we marked their baptisms! Super super cool! The baptism was super spiritual and they were so happy afterwards. We had a lot of new people in church and it was just a terrific day. Then afterwards I ate way too much at lunch. The kitchen was really small and I was trying to get up to get seconds and Irmã Christiane said, “Can I get it for you to make it easier?” I couldn´t be rude and say no and then she took my plate and put more food on it than 3 oxen could eat in a month and gave it back smiling. I said a quiet prayer to ask to expand my stomach and I managed to eat it all without barfing. Miracles are real! Aww, the mission is super great.

So, André´s family is doing really well and we have FHE with them tonight with the bishop’s family. The mom LOVES church and the daughter can´t sleep anymore without the Book of Mormon under her pillow. Batismo! Whoo hoo! Elder Crosbie was transferred to Maringá and it will be pretty exciting here. Like I said, I am pretty nervous, but God is in control and I´ll go where He wants me to go. I know that this church is true. I know God lives and guides us. I know we have living breathing prophets and that families can be together forever. One thing we have talked a lot about here is being enthusiastic. I would like to give the same advice to you. You are awesome and don’t let anybody convince you otherwise. I will pray for you and I know God will bless our family.
até mais!

-Elder Markham

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