Happy Birthday Cambe December 6, 2010

Thank you so much for the letter! It is so exciting that Abbey and Dallin have a new son! The pictures are great too! Oh man, our family is cool. Que pena que ele não nasceu no Dec 3. haha! Please tell Abbey and Dallin congratulations! That’s sweet that BYU (especially basketball) is doing awesome. Brandon Davies too! That is pretty sweet. Go cougars for sure. I receive letters now and then from some of my friends at BYU and it’s good to hear Provo is still doing just fine! Thank you for the birthday wishes too! I got your package with Peanut butter and Hugs like 3 days before my birthday! It’s super good to have those things. Thank you so very very much. Things were alright on my birthday, but it is so nice to know I have a family at home thinking about me. I miss you guys a lot. I got cards from Sharon and you and Grandma. So, thank you for the happy birthday! I´m so glad too that you are having the opportunity to enjoy the season and get out and do stuff with Mary Anne and the family! The lights in Spanish Fork are super cool. I think I went there once on a date or something. Not really sure, but the lights are awesome.
As for here in Cambé, things are a bit slow. That ok though because it’s a great chance to practice finding and talk to lots of people. Guilherme is doing super well. He received the priesthood and he and another youth in the ward are going to submit their mission papers this coming year. He is a super great person. His Mom is really solid too. She loves the visits and has been to church every week for a month and is doing well. The only problem is that she is not married to Guilherme´s father and it is really a complicated situation from the legal standpoint. It’s really hard to get marriages and divorces approved here. I have faith that everything will turn out great though. We found another family this week too who are really neat. Their son Pedro is hilarious. In our first lesson with them he started saying stuff like, “I don’t understand the other religions, what with all the yelling non-sense and falling down on the floor and acting crazy.” It was really funny the way he said it, and of course we do not do that in our church. He also asked about the principle of eternal progression which was surprising because usually peoples questions are on the level of “why are both your names Elder?” really cool. This week will be sweet because we have a ward Christmas party, a mission tour with a general authority from the Area 70 for Brazil and also a Zone Christmas party. I´m really excited. Here in Cambé everybody is starting to get really excited about Christmas. Tomorrow Santa Clause will drive into town riding on the town Coca-Cola truck. Apparently it’s a tradition here. Anyhow, he will pass our house and I´m excited. The other problem is that we live in the square basically in the center of town and for Christmas they are building a huge stage to have concerts right in front of our house. Hmm. President may have to temporarily move us someplace. Although, it would be cool to get to see some Brazilian concerts..... teasing of course! This week has been really stormy. We had a huge lightning storm and it rained every day this week. I´m getting used to the weather but it’s still really hot. Speaking of Christmas, we need to set up a time to talk on Christmas. Assume you´ll use your cellular. Anyhow, let me know what time will work best with the time difference and where you will be and such. I´ll give more info soon. Anyhow, I´m still trucking and doing great. Thank you for your advice and love and support and all your prayers. I know that this Gospel is true and Christ loves us all very much. Life can be a super huge trial, but it will be worth it in the end. I think of you often and I know the Lord is watching over you. Have a great week and always keep on smiling! I´m sending your package today, so hopefully it will arrive eventually! Love you so very very very very much.
Love, Elder Markham

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