Feliz Natal! December 27, 2010 Cambe

Feliz Natal!
I just can´t tell you how happy I was to talk to you on Christmas! I´m glad you liked the song so much too! I think I will try to send more stuff like that. It was so good to hear your voice and how you are doing and everything. It’s too bad MSN didn’t work that well, but I think we should try Skype on Mother’s day. Some other Elders had luck with Skype and I think it works better. But from what I saw you both are looking really well! You look really healthy and great momma! The lord really is blessing our family I just know it. I am so thankful to have you guys and also all the rest of our extended family so close by to take care of us! Family is really what it’s all about. Next week you will have to send pictures of Christmas and everything! My Christmas was really great. Firstly, like I said we had a baptism this week which was awesome! It’s really great to have success in the work because you know that you are really helping people! Christmas Eve was good too. It was really hard to teach because everyone was with family and having parties and such, but we visited a few people and spent the evening at a member’s house with some REALLY good food! Christmas day we got up and walked about an hour to get to lunch, but it was totally worth it. We taught a good lesson there, although unfortunately we may have to stop visiting that investigator because he doesn´t want to change :( darn agency. Then we walked back and got ready to call our parents! I was kind of freaking out because I thought you hadn´t received the email and my phone cards weren´t working and I thought I wouldn´t get to talk to you, but I said a little prayer and everything worked out just terrific! Christmas day was pretty rainy, but that was ok because it wasn´t too hot! Christmas night we passed with another member who we are really good friends with. They made super goo churrasca (BBQ) and some kind of powder stuff that was super good. Also Pasoca is my new favorite thing here. It’s like chewy peanut brittle. Also they about died when I told them that in America we don’t eat rice and beans with every meal! (A funny side note is that people here think that 80% of Americans are grossly obese because we only eat hamburgers. It’s pretty funny!) Elder De Souza got to talk video conference with his family and I got to talk to them too and it was really fun. They are doing really well. Elder De Souza was teasing his Dad because he couldn´t stop crying. Yesterday we had a great meeting with president and learned of a ward in Rio that baptized 140 people in 10 months! We are reevaluating how we are working and hope to see more and more success every week! Thank you for the photos of the moon too! I told President and he thought it was really really interesting. He said “better start working really fast elder!” hahaha. I know that we are living in the last days, but this is a time of hope, not fear. I know we have the true gospel to bring us through whatever trials may be awaiting us. I really admire your strength and your testimony mom. I know that not many people could have the strength to accomplish what you have. You have always been such a terrific mom and example and I am so thankful for everything that you have done for me. I can truly say I wouldn’t be here without you. I know without doubt that this gospel is true. I know we have a perfect Father-in-heaven cheering us on and helping us every way He can. I know Christ lives and he paid the price for us to become like Him. I know we have a living prophet, 12 apostles and the true priesthood. I know the Church is true and will bring us to complete happiness. Give Sharon a hug for me and tell her how great she is. Dad is here helping us; I know it right alongside the angels in heaven to carry us through. Keep on smiling and have a super good New Year! Thank you for everything and always remember how much I love you. I love you 1 katrillion times more than THIS much.
Happy Holidays!
-Elder Markham

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