Cascavel May 7, 2012

Bom dia!

Thanks for the updates and the great questions. I´ll try to start by answering them on this not Spanish keyboard this time:
So on Mother’s day that would be just fine to talk at 2:00. I´m pretty sure we´ll be able to talk for 40 minutes so it´ll be good. I´ll get the skype code things from your other e-mail. That’s neat that it´ll be Dad’s birthday. I´ll have to remember to celebrate a tiny bit. We don’t really have all that much time but it´ll be good. So Cascavel has been pretty good this week. We worked really hard and I´m super destroyed tired right now, but we were able to bring 2 families to church and mark 4 baptisms for next week. We are pretty excited! Pray for our investigators to stay strong! 

Cascavel is actually a very German influenced city. It is pretty cold here and I´ve had to sleep with covers a few days now. Especially when it rains it gets pretty cold. There are a lot of tall white people here and so I don’t feel tooo out of place. Actually yesterday I convinced some people that I was Brazilian with lots of German roots. haha! It is really about 100% different than Foz. Here is a pretty wealthy city kind of like Maringá. There are several colleges here including the ever famous FAG University, which I find terrible funny. The ward here is suuupper new and a lot of real work has actually been trying to help Bishop put things in order. When I think about our ward I get really amazed by how well things actually work! You learn a lot on the mission! 

So Elder Sepulveda and I are still zone leaders. That’s cool that his name is sort of famous. There is a famous Politian name Sepulveda and everybody asks him if he is related. Also everybody here is talking a ton about Mitt Romney. Funny how great an impact the USA has on the world. Our zone has 12 missionaries including 4 Sisters and so that is interesting. One poor sister got bit by a dog this week and has to get vaccines. Ouch! We are pretty isolated because it is about 7 hours from Londrina. The church here is kind of strong, but there are only 3 chapels for a city of 300,000 so there is room to grow! 

About holidays, yes there are a ton of holidays in Brazil. It is a very catholic country and so there are a whole bunch of Saint Days. Nobody really knows who those people were but all like the holiday! Today we have to leave in a little bit for leadership counsel in Londrina so I get to pass my whole P-day in the bus. Yeah!! That’s pretty awesome sweet about the new Provo Temple. I´ll be excited to see it done! Who knows we’ll get to go to the dedication? I am also really happy to hear that Zack is doing well. How is Tyrel? Is he doing well all married and stuff? And Joe and Jeff? Seen any of them lately? 

So, that’s about it for this week. I´m excited to talk a little bit on Mother’s day and for the baptisms the Lord has blessed us with. I know that this is the true church of God. Sacrifice really does bring forth the blessings of heaven. I know that our Father in Heaven lives and loves us. We may not understand everything in this life, but we can know Christ overcame all suffering. I love you lots! Until Sunday!
-Elder Iron Markham

P.S. Cool side note, I found out the Guilherme is doing super well on the mission. He has about 6 months and has already baptized more than 20 people. Woohoo!

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