Londrina July 25, 2011

Hi Mommie!
No problem about the short letter! I just love whatever size you send! It’s great to have such a super family like you guys. This week has been interesting. I´m glad that ya´ll had a terrific week! I can´t believe that Jenni is already finishing her mission! I got a letter from her the other week that I haven´t had time to respond yet, but it looks like she will already be done by the time it gets there! It will be neat to talk with all the family about their missions and stuff. Joseph and Jeff will be finishing the end of this year as well, which is strange to think of!
Also: Happy Birthday to Jessica and Kevin!!!
You can tell Jessica that I actually remembered. I put an alarm in my watch a month in advance to send a card, but I think I was in Foz de Iguaçu on a bus and I ended up not sending anything. Oh well. Will you guys have a dinner at Kevin’s house or anything? His food is sure good. Mmmmmmm..... not rice and beans...... :)

This week was Zone conferences. Monday we worked normal and found two awesome families whose children went to church with us yesterday! They are very poor and have a lot of problems, but José Roberto (the Dad) really wants to change, so pray for him! Tuesday we had Zone conference in Marília, which meant that President came to our house and picked us up at 5 in the morning to drive 4 hours to São Paulo. The conference was great. Elder Thiago and I gave our training about fishing for men and President showed a bunch of great videos to motivate everyone. One thing that President Tavares likes to do is take clips of real movies and put subtitles in about the mission. This time He took Remember the Titans and found the part where everyone is shouting “We want victory! We want some more!” And put in “we want to baptize!
We want some more!” And then he took all the parts with super crazy tackles and hits and put in BAPTISM!! Confirmation! Family completed! And stuff like that. It was super funny and also motivated a lot.

We also had the Church doctor for the mission Dr. Hill who gave training about health and stuff. The next day we had another conference in Londrina with pretty much the same things. While the missionaries had interviews with Dr. Hill I was the translator for his wife who types everything. It was funny that I have a harder time speaking English right. After that the week was just pretty normal. The other assistants went to the other conferences and we just worked in our normal area and so, that was pretty much it for this week. I got a little sick this week and so I am using P-day to get better.

Thank you so much for your testimony and love and support. It isn´t possible without a great mom like you! Eu testifico de que Jesus Cristo é o Filho de Deus, o unigênito do Pai na carne. Sei que Ele é meu salvador é redentor e que eu vou seguirs seus ensinamentos. Eu sei que por meio da expiaçáo de Cristo todos nos podemos receber a remissão de nossos pecados. Se nos confiarmos nele, vamos ter uma certeza de que Ele nos ama. Eu amo você muito Mai. Estou orando por você e sei que tudo vai sair bem. Morôni 7 é um capítulo excellente sobre a fé e a esperança. até mais!

(translation: I testify that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, begotten of the Father in the flesh. I know He is my Savior and Redeemer and that I will follow his teachings. I know that through the atonement of Christ we can all receive the remission of our sins. If we trust Him, we have an assurance that He loves us. I love you so much mom I am praying for you and know that everything will be okay. Moroni 7 is an excellent chapter on faith and hope. Until Later)
Elder Markham

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