Cambe January 17, 2011

Olá minha amada mai!

It actually sounds like you´ve had some great news this week! That is sooo cool that they are selling Guaraná again! I think I might die if I had to return without it... And congratulations to Sharon on her super score on the test. Outback steakhouse is awesome too. Today we are going to a churrascaria which is basically like Tucanos to celebrate a missionary who is leaving in a week. That should be sweet. Good luck with the taxes too! I´m glad I don’t have to worry about that right now! haha!

Anyhow, to answer a few more questions: Yes, we heard all about the huge mudslides in Rio. It’s been raining a ton and it’s no wonder they are having huge problems. It is really a sad situation and we are praying for the people there. No one here that I´ve talked to lately has directly lost family or friends there, but our Bishop is a firefighter and he says it’s possible that he will be assigned to help out there. Guilherme, Karine, Antonio and Rhuan are doing great! Guilherme is helping us teach some of his friends which are great. Antonio received the priesthood yesterday and his family is being blessed with work again! Karine is happy as ever and Rhuan too. His story is really a miracle because his family was drowning in money problems and his Mom had a slipped disc in the back and couldn´t find a doctor to help her, but within a week on the baptism of Rhuan, she had a surgery and is doing super and they were able to move into the house of his dad´s brother and really save a lot of money and no they are much happier. Don’t let anybody tell you the Lord´s blessing aren´t real!

Jacqueline looks like she probably can be baptized within 2 weeks which is super. Cícero is having a really hard time quitting smoking, but he has been to church two weeks in a row now and he reads Gospel Principles every day. With a little more motivation and miracles he will baptize too! The family who is a friend of a member has names. They are Clauder and Dania. Clauder is really cool. He loves rock music like me and he keeps inviting us back to explain things to him. He says he feels like his mind is being cleared and refreshed every time he prays. He hasn´t been to church yet because of work, but he really wants to go and he has a break this week! Yeah! We found a new family this week with a son named Luiz Carlos who is way smart and is probably the first investigator who actually understands what apostasy means. In our first lesson with him he started asking: “but where are the prophets and apostles today? If God called them in the bible he has to call them now right?” It was super cool. His Mom is really nice too. She isn´t so interested but she gives us guaraná every time we go over and tried to give us her umbrella even before she knew who we were!

I also got a hold of a bunch of piano music in PDF which is sweet! I even have some Jon Schmidt. I´m pretty excited.

Funny story: This week our rain gutter clogged up really bad, so we went to the park and got a huge stick of bamboo to try and clear it up. As we walked back we stopped to get a milkshake (porque é mais quente do que inferno aqui!) and this punk teenager started playing with our stick of bamboo. Naturally, this simply couldn´t fly! I had to chase him down and get our stick back and he had the most confused/scared face to be chased by an American giant trying to get a huge bamboo stick. I doesn´t sound that funny in writing, but in the moment it was absolutely hilarious. Elder De Souza was dying laughing.

Anyhow, as coisas estão otimas aqui. Estamos trabalhando bem para concluir a transferência e estamos sendo muito abençoado pelo Senhor. I know that this is the work of the Lord. We definitely live in hard and trying times here in the last days, but Jesus taught his disciples that the signs of His coming would be given to alert the righteous and bring hope and joy, not fear and sadness. I know the work of God will press forward until the perfect day and I feel really blessed to be considered worthy to help. I know that God lives and Jesus is the Christ. I know that this Church is true and that the gospel has the power to save us all. I love this work and I am so thankful for such a great family to help me out! Sorry I didn’t send any photos, but I don’t have any new ones! Love you Mom and Sharon!
até mais!
-Elder Markham

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